Saturday, 29 August 2015


Giving thanks
The launch for Miss Emily in The Gutter Bookshop in Dublin was a great success on Friday night. So many lovely friends, family, writers and well-wishers came out. I was really touched and honoured by the sheer volume of people. Even my goes-nowhere eldest son came - score! Thank you, all, lovely, lovely people.
Monica McInerney who gave such a wonderful launch speech for the book

Myself and writer Mary O'Donnell
Deirdre O Neill, my original editor at New Island, and me

Writers Sara Mullen, Patrick Chapman and me
Signing the book for writer Patricia O'Reilly,
with IWC Director, Valerie Bistany
Our gorgeous Cúán - I was thrilled he came along
We had Emily's Coconut Cake and Gingerbread, made by myself and my cousin, Clodagh O'Connor. Wine and Miss Emily bookmarks, thanks to my publisher Sandstone Press. 

Bob Johnston of the Gutter Bookshop - a brilliant spot - gave
us a huge, warm wecome as always
Some of the crowd
Karen O'Neill, who took most of the pics, et moi
Juno McLoughlin, with the books
Gráinne Fox, my agent, and me at after-drinks in The Stag's Head
I had meant to read out the following Emily Dickinson poem when I gave my shpake, but in my nervousness I forgot. It featured on my tights from Coline:

I gave myself to Him—
And took Himself, for Pay,
The solemn contract of a Life
Was ratified, this way—
The Wealth might disappoint—
Myself a poorer prove
Than this great Purchaser suspect,
The Daily Own—of Love

Depreciate the Vision—
But till the Merchant buy—
Still Fable—in the Isles of Spice—
The subtle Cargoes—lie—

At least—'tis Mutual—Risk—
Some—found it—Mutual Gain—
Sweet Debt of Life—Each Night to owe—
Insolvent—every Noon—

The Emily Dickinson tights

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