Friday, 6 May 2011

Write-a-Tiny-Poem Day - Sunday

Image by Paul Angel from The Mulberry Tree Gallery

Y'all know I love Tiny Poems. Here is something fun from Poets Cornered (who are on Facebook):

"Many of you will be unaware that Sunday the 8th May is International Write -A-Tiny-Poem Day.

This day was suggested in the footnote of one of Walt Whitman's many letters to Alfred Lord Tennyson - both considered the Perfect Tiny Poem the ultimate aim of English poetry; both of them succeeded in creating one Perfect Tiny Poem each*.

So - on the afternoon of the 8th May, why not breathe life into the form by writing one Tiny Poem. The only rule should be: keep it tiny-tiny-wee-and-small.

Happy tinyfying!

* Unfortunately for connoisseurs of the form they surrounded both sides of their Perfect Tiny Poems with c.150 lines of Less Than Tiny Poetry. The irony was lost on Whitman but encouraged by Tennyson. He managed to breed it into his later work."


Unknown said...

I will! :) A teeny tiny one. What a lovely idea, and a great place to have found it! Footnotes and letters are my favourite things. And bulletpoints.

Group 8 said...

Good luck with it. I hope to do it too. Such a fun idea. N x

Rachel Fenton said...

It's already SUnday afternoon here - trans-hemisphere time travelling don't ya know! T'is mother's day, too here...hmn..thoughts in action..tiny ones...

Rachel Fenton said...

T'is done!

Group 8 said...

Good on you, Rachel! ANd hope you had a happy Mother's Day, NZ style. N x