Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Illustrators Guild of Ireland exhib - Emily Dickinson inspired

A new exhibition from the Illustrators Guild of Ireland opens in The Luan Gallery in Athlone next week, on the 5th November. The artists took  Emily Dickinson's poem '"Hope" is the Thing with Feathers' as a starting point. ❤

From their FB invitation:

'The Luan Gallery, Athlone presents "Without The Words". An exhibition of work by over 40 members of Illustrators Ireland. The show opens on Saturday 5th of November. We are thrilled to have the following speakers on the night: 
PJ Lynch - Laureate na nÓg
Aoife Murray - Children's Books Ireland
Margaret Anne Suggs - Illustrators Ireland

Please come and join us, you will be most welcome.'

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Open Mic in Palmerstown - Red Line Book Festival

The Red Line Book Festival is all over the west of Dublin this October and this year the Irish Writers Centre is taking an open mic event to my grandparent's old house in Palmerstown, The Coach House, which is pretty cool. The Coach House is now a café and craft shop run by Stewart's Hospital. Details of the Red Line/IWC event below. Booking advised.

Takin' the Mic

Thursday 13th October

Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Coach House, Palmerstown
Admission: FREE

The Irish Writers’ Centre is delighted to take its longstanding and one-of-a kind “Takin’ the Mic” to the Red Line Book Festival. We’re welcoming poets, prose writers, songwriters and musicians, comedians and anyone else who wants to have a go at our open mic night. Each performer will have five minutes and slots are on a first come, first served basis. This lively event will be hosted by comedian, writer and broadcaster Alison Spittle and there will also be several curated performances throughout the night from Stephen James Smith, Jessica Traynor and Kevin Curran. Stay tuned for full line-up details. In the meantime, get practising, prime your fans and prepare to take the mic this autumn!

Book here.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Eve's Pudding with Alpro Soya Custard
The finished Eve's Pudding
I am at the end of a rewrite of novel #4, Becoming Belle, and I have, as usual, got my heroine eating her way through the plot. Early in the novel, Belle's domineering mother (in an off-page moment of sweetness) makes an Eve's Pudding for Belle and her two sisters to enjoy while their parents are dining with the regiment. So, naturally, I had to make one and try it for myself :) It's research.

The cooking apples with lemon juice and sugar mixed in
I used Bramley apples because they're the best ones for this recipe. But, also, because when I was in England in August, doing final on-the-ground research for the book, we drove through the pretty village of Bramley in Surrey.
A fine Bramley (or 'Brailsford')
However, it turns out Bramley apples actually originated in Nottinghamshire and were named after a butcher called Matthew Bramley. But!!! The apple tree was planted by a girl called Mary Ann Brailsford - Mr Bramley bought the cottage and garden where she planted her tree. So, we should be making our Eve's Pud with Brailsfords, really :)

The apples with the batter poured on
After all that, I made the pudding today for my husband's birthday, we had it with custard, and it was delicious. The apples stew together and are nicely tart-sweet, and the flaked almonds give bite.


3 Bramley cooking apples (peeled, cored and thinly sliced)
75g brown sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Sponge topping:
150g self-raising flour
75g butter or marg (room temp)
75g caster sugar
1 egg (beaten)
100ml milk
A handful of flaked almonds (optional)

  • Pre-heat oven to 180˚C
  • Grease an ovenproof dish.
  • Mix the Bramleys with the granulated sugar and lemon juice.
  • Spoon the apple mixture into the prepared dish.
  • In a bowl, beat together the flour, butter, caster sugar, egg and milk to a batter with a soft dropping consistency.
  • Spread this over the apples and sprinkle with the flaked almonds, if used.
  • Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C, bottom shelf, for 45 minutes or until sponge is golden brown.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Writer Paul Kingsnorth - I will interview him at Shorelines in Portumna

I have three gigs this month, which is fun after a quiet August on that front. I am busily doing rewrites on novel #4 but it's always nice to get away from the desk and meet real, actual people.

Sat. 10th September, 2.45pm, Firkin Crane Theatre, Cork

I am taking part in a panel on the author-editor relationship chaired by Patrick Cotter, with Declan Meade, Danielle McLaughlin and Sara Majke.

Fri. 16th September, 7.30pm, Cashel Library, Cashel

I will read from my novel Miss Emily - a free event but booking is advised.

Sunday, 18th September, 3.30pm, Christ Church, Portumna

I will be in conversation with author Paul Kingsnorth whose latest, intriguing novel Beast is published by Faber.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I read my poem 'The Birds of Madrid' on RTE Radio 1's Arena on Monday. It features in the Salmon Poetry​ anthology Even the Daybreak. Here.

Monday, 15 August 2016


I'm at the final research stage for novel #4 Becoming Belle - this is my 'walking the land' time. So I went to Sussex and Hampshire to see where my character lived as a child and where part of the action of the novel plays out. Aldershot and Heathfield were my two main places and I really enjoyed the museum in the former and a good walk around the latter. Because I was in the area I had to visit Virginia Woolf's country retreat in Rodmell: Monk's House.

Monk's House
Fireplace in the sitting room
Window group - yellow tray by Vanessa Bell or her daughter Angelica
The dining room at Monk's House
For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you already know I was there but, because of some confusion, I want to state now I am NOT writing a book about Virginia W. I wrote a short story about her ages ago (which I now see a hole in...) and a poem, but there are no plans for anything else.
Pear in the garden
I've been reading VW's diary in preparation for the trip and, if I was one of those monsters who mark up passages in books, the pages would be destroyed. It is so full of wisdom, insight and lit gossip, as well as self doubt and anxiety. I find myself nodding along, and pausing a lot to write down quotes, as I read. This passage I identify with: 'Is the time coming when I can endure to read my own writing in print without blushing - shivering and wishing to take cover?' Word, Vee.

It's fascinating that someone of VW's genius couldn't gauge her own success and/or brilliance. We make the mistake, I think, of presuming that succesful/brainy types are very aware of how good they are but, most likely, they are not really aware, objectivity being difficult and all that. Roald Dahl's wife was saying something similar about him on the radio this morning - he didn't fully realise his own popularity. VW talks a lot about praise in her diary, regarding her writing, and how it affects her.

Juno on the bowls lawn
Monk's House was magical, anyway, even moreso than I expected - it was one of those serendipitous afternoons where everything seems to align and we were full to the brim with the beauty of it all as we wandered around. The approach is a small country lane, packed with pretty houses with abundant gardens. It was a gorgeous summers day, sunny and windy. My heart was in my mouth as we entered the gate and my 7 yo daughter Juno was giddy. 'It's so exciting to visit Virginia's house!' she said (though she actually knows very little about VW). My happy anticipation had clearly rubbed off.

All of the staff were informed and welcoming but unintrusive - basically you can walk the house and grounds at your leisure, which I really enjoyed. The house is furnished still with VW's belongings - and her husband Leonard's: painted furniture, book covers VW made for her Shakespeares, her sister's and other friends' artworks. The volunteers had fresh flowers from the garden in pots and vases; everything is rustic, homely and organic. All of it so earthy and pleasing to look at.

The 1929 extension - entrance to VW's bedroom

VW's bedroom - the narrow bed!

I love that the success of VW's novels meant they could improve Monk's House: new plumbing, an extension, a new kitchen. My novel Miss Emily built our beloved sun-room, a fact that pleases me every day.

Sitting room table, painted by Duncan Grant
There's an amusing passage in VW's diary about other people's houses (a pet peeve of mine also), she talks about 'chill superficial seemliness' and 'mercantile smugness'. (My own beef is with rooms that lack personality, rooms that look 'done' and showhousy, rooms full of boring, crappy furniture and no art.)

Happy selfie in VW's glorious garden

The garden at Monk's House is the real star: it is enormous, abundant and has fantastic views over the East Sussex Downs. It is set out in different areas: an orchard walk, an open lawn, glasshouses, a walled garden, and lots of country cottage beds.

VW's writing lodge

VW's writing lodge is in the garden, nicely secluded and elevated. The bit where she wrote is behind a glass partition so you don't feel immersed in the space as such, but it's wonderful to get to see it nonetheless.

It's appropriate that the couple's ashes were scattered in the garden - they bought the house because of the garden's 'shape and fertility and wildness' and VW talked about the 'pure joy' of pottering there after they had spent their first weekend in Rodmell.

You could make a portrait of VW - Juno's is bottom left
Here's a great blogpost from Miranda on what to read if you plan to visit Monk's House.

So, apart from fruitful research for novel #4 and a magical trip to Monk's House, we drove a lot, found a pub-less town, went to a mini zoo in Tilgate Park, visited the wonderful charity shops for my beloved ceramics and glass (blogpost soon at Edna O'Blog), and, naturally, we ate cake, most notably in Pretty Things in Horsham - a great find by the husband when I asked him to go and find somewhere good. Score :) It was a gorgeous trip and I was grumpy coming home. But, back to reality and all that. And it's a sunshiney day in Ballinasloe, I wrote this morning, and I am going to take a walk shortly and think about the new scenes needed in Belle. All is well.

Paddington 'meets his cousins' in Pretty Things

Neapolitan cake

Raspbo & carrot cake and Choc Ganache cake

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Inline image
Adm Wyeth

Here's something marvellous from writer Adam Wyeth. He is conducting this magical writing and sailing trip around the Balearic Islands this October. I spent two weeks on Majorca many years ago (one of two 'sun' holidays I have taken) and it is a stunning part of the world. All details below:

Kingfisher Sailing Boat

If travel turns us into storytellers, what better tale than a story of the sea. From the birth of Western literature with The Odyssey, to contemporary narratives, the sea continues to inspire. For those who dream of being a writer, Kingfisher Sailing is offering the ultimate travel package to help unlock that potential.


Family-run business, Kingfisher Sailing, has announced the first in a series of new sailing experiences available this year. Whether you’re an aspiring writer looking for practical tips or a complete beginner looking to find your voice, the company is offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a week’s sailing combined with a creative writing workshop devised and facilitated by an award-winning writer. Sailing among the beautiful Balearic Islands on the 3rd – 9th October 2016 (£895 per person, full board) the trip includes the opportunity to become an active member of the yacht’s crew, no previous sailing experience is required.

The package comprises of a week on-board a beautiful yacht with award-winning poet and playwright Adam Wyeth, author of two books Silent Music (2011) and The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry (2013), and just ahead of the publication of his third book The Art of Dying.

The Balearic Islands, rich in history and myth, have been drawing writers for centuries. The trip combines a sense of exploration, along miles of unspoilt coastline, with specific locations designed to support the course material. With onshore visits to ancient sites and villages, such as Taulas of Menorca with its ancient stone megaliths and the cultural centre of Palma, there will be plenty of opportunity to fire up the imagination.

Drawing inspiration from these stunning locations, Adam will explore key writing topics, including general hints and tips, plot development, characterisation, sensory perception in descriptive writing and the role of metaphor and myth, to name a few. The workshop will be conducted through a series of group sessions and one-to-one tutorials, with Adam on-hand to help with any problems. Under his expert eye, participants will have the opportunity to explore style and ideas with someone who understands the process, whilst getting a unique insight into the life of a writer and his much anticipated third book.

Accommodation is on-board the beautiful 65 foot yacht, Klaus Störtebeker, recently launched back into service following an extensive refit which has returned the boat to her former glory, creating contemporary accommodation for up to ten people. As well as writing and sailing, there will be plenty of time for other activities, as the pace is set by each individual. There will be time to swim, explore or simply relax.

Adam Wyeth comments:

“In literature the sea is a symbol for the unconscious so the connections with writing run very deep. The course aims to give practical advice whilst allowing time to explore different texts. Like an ocean voyage to new worlds, every writing exercise is a trip to the unknown, you never know quite where you’ll end up but you know you’ll come out of it a new person in some way. Writers are navigators of the imagination. The trip promises to be a fascinating experience and the ultimate escape.”

This could be you in October!

Creative writing Balearics

7 days • 3-10th Oct 2016  • £995pp • 8 places available

Great writing is all about imagination and surprise and there’s no better way to free your mind than to escape to sea.

On this unique vacation you’ll be an active crew member as we sail around the beautiful Balearic Islands while taking part in a exciting creative writing workshop devised and facilitated by award-winning poet, playwright and essayist Adam Wyeth. No previous sailing experience is required.
These islands, rich in history and myth, have been drawing writers for centuries. Adam has created a unique series of workshops with fun exercises and games, many of which will be inspired from the sea and mythology. With onshore visits to ancient sites and villages, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to fire up the imagination.

The atmosphere will be inclusive and creative, and as intensive or laid back as participants wish to make it. Group sessions will be complemented by one-to-one tutorials. Adam will be informally on hand to help with particular problems that students may encounter.

This creative writing sailing holiday is suitable for those with some previous experience and for complete beginners. All you need is paper and pen and your imagination. As well as writing and sailing, there will be plenty of time for other activities: to swim, explore or simply relax.

Some of the of the workshop exercises will include:
  • The art of speed writing or stream of consciousness writing
  • Finding your voice
  • Keeping it symbol. Exploring how symbolism can deepen your work.
  • Plotting and shaping a short story or novel
  • Characterisation, conflict and angle
  • Avoiding cliché and subverting it
  • The importance of myth and giving it a modern twist.
  • Tackling poetry forms
  • Looking at metaphor and simile
  • Rewriting, editing, polishing
  • Using literature as models and springboards for writing
An unforgettable week exploring the imagination and the beautiful Balearic Islands. Prepare to be inspired.

Please note, we require a minimum of 4 guests to run this retreat. If you're interested in joining us and would like to receive more information once dates are confirmed, then please contact us.

For further information or to make a booking visit Kingfisher Sailing.