Monday, 25 February 2008

Notice board snippet

Here's a thought from the noticeboard over my desk:

'Women with clean houses do not have finished books.' Joy Held


OSLO said...

Groan! I rarely mop but did today not in high heels mind you :-) Also tried to dust some Venetian blinds which is a thankless task (damn sun kept shining and showing up the dust). Did I write a word? Nah.

Women Rule Writer said...

Oh God, I know. I hate hoovering, hate mopping (do I even own a mop? I do not...), hate dishes. But, I love clean. I sort of skim-clean, on occasion. Too busy writing, or so I convince myself.

Vanessa G said...

In my kitchen, I have two notices.

1) Dull Women Have Immaculate Houses.


2) Make Yourself at Home! Clean My Kitchen.

In my study, I have a china cow painted orange, whose bottom half is an orange.

It's called Moomalade.

Women Rule Writer said...

Ha ha, typical writers: half hearted attempts at domesticity and plenty of SLOGANS. Still, at least I know I'm in good company! ☺ ☺

TitaniaWrites said...

Ha, I love it! Ok, am putting the mop down and getting back to the writing...