Wednesday, 20 February 2008

William Trevor Short Story Prize Shortlist

The shortlist has been released for the 2007 William Trevor Short Story Prize, briefly renamed to the Trevor Bowen Prize, but apparently, from now on, to be known as the Mitchelstown Short Story Prize. William Trevor was not the judge in the end it seems, but Séamus Hosey of RTÉ. Well done to the shortlistees; hopefully this year they'll pick a winner for the €2000 and the laptop. They didn’t last year.

Steve Smithson London, Passing the Leek.
Ivy Bannister Dublin, Archaeology of the Soul.
Tanya Farrelly Dublin, By the River's Edge.
Philip Lumley Offaly, Small Voices.
Hester Casey Wickow, A Thing of Beauty.
Jo Campbell London, Staging Post
Rosalind Lloyd Wexford, Passing Time
Orla Shanaghy Waterford. Yesterday's Snow
Imelda Carroll Wexford, The Elephant in the Room
Richard Stevens Dublin, Rex
Mary O'Shea Cork, The Winter Visit
James Martyn Galway, Angelground
Orlaith O'Sullivan Dublin, Louisa and the Sea
Thalia Miller Dublin, The Blue Olive Tree
Alyn Fenn West Cork, The Wire Road.


TitaniaWrites said...

nteresting, good of you to publish the list. The entry requirements were so strict, payment by bank draft only, I guess it is not suprising that 12 out of the 15 were from Ireland!
Congrats to all, let's see if they pick a winner.

Women Rule Writer said...

Yes, I thought there was a large Irish representation on the shortlist too. 15 is rather a long shortlist, also.
I paid by cheque - maybe that was my downfall, har har!
I do hope they pick a winner though. I don't want this not picking a winner thing (like Willesden this month) to become a major trend.

Women Rule Writer said...

Hester Casey has voluntarily withdrawn from the shortlist after someone complained her story had been broadcast. She didn't break the rules but she made the decision in "the interests of propriety". Hmmnn. If she didn't break the rules, she should have been let stay, I think. Rules are often not specific enough, the organisers find when 'loopholes' are found. But in this case, Hester should have been encouraged to stay on the list. She earned her place there.
I wonder who complained?