Monday, 31 March 2008

Poetry Workshop

I attended a most enjoyable workshop at the Forge Literary Festival in Gort at the week-end. It was run by Dublin poet Nessa O’Mahony and she did a great job of calmly encouraging us, the participants. It was mostly exercise based – a format I am not used to – and it was great for that very reason. I always feel if I learn – or come away with – just one thing from a workshop, it has been worthwhile. And I may have got the germ of a seed of a poem from an exercise that Nessa did with us based on George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m From’. It’s an exercise I may use in my own teaching, if Nessa doesn’t mind.
Here’s a link to the poem and to George’s website:

Where I'm From


Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

What a wonderful poem, thanks so much for the link to it. I don't consider myself much of a poetry person, which is ridiculous really. I love this poem, the beat, the rhythm, the sense of it. Good luck with your poem inspired by this. I wrote a short story inspired by a line from a Robert Frost poem a few months ago and it came out wonderfully weird!


Women Rule Writer said...

Some of your fiction reads like poetry, Tania. And as you are comfortable with shorter forms, maybe poetry is worth a try? Prose poems even!
I love that art inspires art. It seems fundamental and important to me.

Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

You're very kind! I had wondered what prose poems are exactly, I was very surprised to read what I thought was a piece of flash fiction in the poetry section of a lit mag. Is there a definition? I am a little nervous of calling anything a "prose poem" but if you call it that, maybe I'll agree!