Monday, 14 April 2008

Strong Reading Review

Writer PJ Nolan has blogged today about the Strong Reading at
PJ Nolan online

I don't know you, but thanks very much, PJ. I feel - and I'm sure my fellow Strongers would agree - it's a very considered review, with a lot of effort gone into listening to each reader.


Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

I will say it since you didn't: What a lovely review of your book! "So far, so graceful", and you are his "Strong choice of the year". That can give you the warm-and-fuzzies all day, eh?!

PJ Nolan said...

no worries - just helped to get my own thoughts straight! I enjoyed the gig a lot - hope I'm not too critical - I know, I'd be keen to get feedback either way. Look forward to reading more of all 4 poets. Best of luck with the writing!

Women Rule Writer said...

Thanks T and PJ. It's always nice to read nice stuff about something you've done. It gives a warm glow of encouragement!