Friday, 30 May 2008


My summer copy of Books Ireland magazine arrived this morning. And once again there are no reviews of female poets’ books. My subscription is due for renewal. Will I bother? I ask myself. The male bias in the reviewers and books chosen for review irritates me.
I would rather like if they reviewed my book. Why not? But it seems the reviewers get to choose what books they review (as in most publications) and the poetry reviewers choose their fellow men. How predictable.


Tania Hershman said...

How irritating! Have you suggested they review your book? Could you perhaps find someone who reviews poetry and who could approach them to do it? Are all their reviewers men? While this doesn't automatically mean that they'll only review other men, maybe no-one has ever pointed this out to the magazine. Go for it!

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi T
My publisher sent them my book. It featured in their First Flush section, which lists all new books published in Ireland. So I know they have it.
Mostly their female reviewers seem to cover chick-lit (the dreaded) and kids' books. I was going to contact them this morning but thought I should step back for a bit...