Friday, 27 June 2008

Edna O'Blog, Tokyo, Paris and Chapelizod

I had my first blogging dream last night. I dreamt that I was blogging under the name Edna O'Blog. (Now where did that come from, do you suppose?!) And I was going out with Nate Fisher (the older brother in the sublime TV series Six Feet Under). Not the actor, but Nate, the character. What was that dream all about?! (No spoilers please on Six Feet Under. I'm working my way through the box set and am only at the start of series two.)

I heard this week that Culture Ireland are giving me the money to go to Tokyo in November to read at the Tokyo Poetry Festival. Thank you very much, Culture Ireland.

Also in November I've been invited to do a workshop and reading at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. The Centre's Director, Sheila Pratschke, saw my Paris-set story in The Stinging Fly and invited me after reading it. My year of writing related travel just gets better and better!

I might as well stick all the news in here, so I am reading in Chapelizod, at their festival, with Kevin Barry, next Wednesday night, 2nd July at 7pm, inside the village gate into the Phoenix Park.


Tania Hershman said...

If I say I am green with jealous, Edna, take that seriously. Tokyo, Paris??? Ohmigod, I am going to have to see what funding I can get around here. Short story conferences, here I come! (And no spoilers, but Nate.... hmm, not so sure about him for you!)

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi T,
Why not me and Nate?!! Why not? Why not? (Sorry, my darling F, if you are reading this, but you can always run off with Cameron Diaz...)

It's mad re. Tokyo and Paris. Nothing majorly wonderful happens in my little writing world for a while, now these two things. I'm not getting many acceptances for fiction these days, for example (everything seems to have slowed to a crawl in the last 2 years, anyone else noticed that?) but I am getting loads of gigs. It's great!

laurie said...

wow. tokyo. congratulations! and paris. even better!

edna o'blog. i love it.

OSLO said...

Great news on the travel front; great to hear your having so much success.
Not so sure about your long-term prospects with Nate, although I can certainly see the attraction:-)

Women Rule Writer said...

OK, OK, I get that he has a brain condition. Are you girls being spoilers???!!! Don't!

Yes, Oslo, I'm happy re travel prospects. Now all I need is a gig in New York to make my year complete. Any takers?!

OSLO said...

Sorry can't help with New York. Don't suppose you're tempted by Oslo instead? No? Can't blame you ;-)

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Gives a whole new meaning to 'travel writing'...
lovely, N... enjoy every minute!