Thursday, 24 July 2008


OK, I seem to have blog fever today. Must stop posting... It's actually all to do with procrastination...

Anyway, another great initiative from Salt: The Crashaw Prize for the publication of début collections of poetry.

The Crashaw Prize will be awarded to up to six new writers each year. (SIX!!) Authors must reside in the UK or Ireland, the USA, or Australia and New Zealand. Winners of the Prize will be published simultaneously in the UK, USA and Australia each summer.

‘We want to continue to support new writing talent, but more than this, to draw attention to really first rate collections from poets both young and old,’ says Salt director Chris Hamilton-Emery.

More here


BarbaraS said...

Nice prize and they're an outfit on the rise at the moment. Damn. I'm a year too late... always in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the wrong material! :)

Women Rule Writer said...

Oh, it'll all come good, Barbara. Lucky old first timers though, eh? What a great prize.

BarbaraS said...

A fantastic prize. I shall be watching closely to see if anyone I know gets it... there are a few I can think of across Ireland and in Scotland that I'd love to see get it! Fingers crossed that one Irish poet makes the list.