Thursday, 24 July 2008


OK, before we get too excited, yes, Galway's other* favourite bookshop has re-opened but, no, they are not back on High Street. Rather, they have converted the ground floor of their Liosbán Retail Park premises on the Tuam Road.

Des Kenny says: ‘While online bookselling worldwide continues to grow apace, there is no substitute for taking a book in your hand and flicking through the pages. We were overwhelmed by the reaction when we closed the Bookshop in High St in 2006. Since then people have continually asked us if we might reconsider opening a bookshop in Galway. We moved into our existing premises in Liosbán over a year ago. Although we haven’t been open to the public until now, former customers and browsers call to the premises daily asking to look through the shelves.’

More here.

*The other other favourite being Charlie Byrne's of course!

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laurie said...

it's been five years since i've been to galway. i had no idea kenny's had closed. i buy from them online just because i loved the place, but it's a bit pricey with overseas shipping costs.

i'm glad to hear they reopened, though the words "retail park" don't sound very evocative.

i hope it's nice.