Monday, 14 July 2008


I can't blog about what I want to blog about today, because it would get me into trouble. It's work related and it's making me grumpy.

So, instead, I browsed around and found under the title An Almost Meme over on Nik's Blog, writer Nik Perring posts pictures of his bookshelf.

He encourages others to do the same. You're not allowed to tidy your shelf and, as my camera is on my desk, and my shelf is a foot away, I just turned and snapped.

And I made a discovery: The missing Garden State DVD is there. Yay! Viewing fodder for Saturday night. (Moral: never send a man to find an AWOL DVD...)

When I saw that, it struck me how little I look at - never mind choose things to read from - this particular shelf. The tub of red glitter gets more use than some of the books, I reckon. Hearteningly, though, I have actually read most of the books at some point. So, it'd be mostly a case of re-reading. Click on the pic to see the titles more clearly, if you wish.


Nik's Blog said...

Excellent work there, WRW! Looks like your shelf's as close to you as mine is to me.

Hope that work thing's not making you too grumpy.

Great blog btw - I've been meaning to comment for a while now and this has given me the perfect excuse.

All the best


Sarah Salway said...

Oh why is it so satisfying to look at other people's bookshelves? And I love the glitter - and is that bubbles also?

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi Nik - and welcome. THanks for your comment.
Sadly the work thing is still bugging me. I sometimes wonder if full-time writing is too head-wrecking to sustain. (This after 4 years of it.) Sorry for the cryptic nature, it's nothing too bad. I just need to forget about it!

Sarah! I know, I watch films and am looking over the actors shoulders to see what's on the bookshelves.
No, that's not not bubbles - it's PVA glue for making stuff!

PJ Nolan said...

Cool. Nice to see The Parker well represented. Is that Will Blythe book any good? I don't have any shelves0 - just dustblown piles & tatty boxes. Don't sweat the work stuff - everything cycles. Crap Stuff now just means Good Stuff is en route!

Also, I've (finally) blogged about the Wolff/Enright gig - check it out.

Women Rule Writer said...

PJ! You're back!
Thanks for the encouragement. It's just been one of those weeks!

The Will Blythe book 'Why I Write' is actually VG. There's some great essays in it, the one from Thom Jones is hilarious and sensible. Others are mildly stuffy, but you still probably learn something. The book includes 'thoughts on the craft of fiction' by: Mary Gaitskill, Amy Hempel, Pat Conroy, Rick Moody, Norman Mailer, Ann Patchett etc etc

I'll go over to PJ central right now.

BarbaraS said...

Ooh - if you like books and categorising, you should check out Library Thing - tonnes of procrastination on that site ;)

Might just nick this meme too...

Women Rule Writer said...

Oh do, B. Then we can all nose through your books!
I'll look into Library Thing, thanks.

Aidan said...

Lovely idea, I have Réchúrsa Gramadaí on my shelf too, snap!
I rearrange the bookshelves though in order of favourites. The top shelf is for dictionaries and the second shelf has the desert island books. The bottom shelf has some very dodgy stuff (note to self, do not purchase bestsellers by Dan Brown just because thy are going cheap as chips).

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi Aidan
That's so organised! Though my sitting-room shelves have a poetry shelf, I must admit.
Ah yes. Dan Brown. The DV Code had to be read to be believed (so to speak).
I don't think I've opened Réchúrsa in many a year.