Monday, 1 September 2008


Theo Dorgan and James Harpur are the featured poets in this quarter's Irish edition of Poetry International Web. This is a great resource site for both poets and readers; I've discovered all sorts of wonderful articles and new-to-me women poets here, like South Africa's Ingrid Jonker.

See Theo's bio and work here.

See James's bio and work here.


on a small island said...

If you're interested in South African poets let me know. I lived there for a year, and was lucky enough to get to know many fine poets there. There's an anthology by Robert Berold called "It all Begins" that I'd highly recommend - shows that massive diversity of culture in SA

Women Rule Writer said...

Thanks for that. I actually came across Jonker in a translation context, liked her poetry and was alarmed by her story (think Sylvia Plath). Thanks for the tip re 'It All Begins'.