Friday, 12 September 2008


The Heinrich Böll Cottage - a writers and artists residency on Achill Island, County Mayo - are accepting applications for residencies in 2009. Closing date 30th September.

I've never gone there but my writing friend Geraldine has enjoyed many stints in the cottage. I think as a full-time writer, residencies are not that useful to me. I have plenty of writing time at home and can procrastinate in comfort at my own desk. Anyway too much wilderness makes me antsy. I grew up in a rural-ish part of county Dublin but I went to school in the city centre, so I think I need towns and cities nearby to feel right. Also, with two kids it's difficult to get away for large blocks of time.

Anyway, for those who love quiet residencies and are free to go, you can apply by mailing a letter of interest, including your preferred dates, a cv and short example of your work to:

John McHugh, Achill Heinrich Böll Assocation, Abha Teangaí, Dooagh, Achill, Co Mayo, Ireland.


Anonymous said...

God, I would love this, given that I am the queen of procrastination. But like you say chisellers (and pregnancy) put paid to dropping everything and dashing off in the name of creativity. :)


Tania Hershman said...

I just heard about this, from The Stinging Fly, and was wondering whether to apply, but actually what I want from a residency is the company of other writer folk, something I don't have round here. Quite during the day, but kindred spirits to sit with in the evenings and talk about it all with. So this doesn't seem quite right for me, thanks for telling us a bit more about it.

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi Sinéad, Congrats on the new bundle-to-be. Some things (like blogs, perhaps?!) do need to be dropped to free up creative time. Maybe we should all watch less TV too.

Hi Tania, I'm the same. I've enough time on my own. That's what I like about group residencies, festivals and workshops - all the chat and bonding about writing.

laurie said...

ah, how i would love to do this.
my father was a macdowell fellow, and i have always wanted a place in the woods (or on an island) to go and write.

but i fear my job would not let me go. (or my dogs.)

so instead i write in the early morning, as best i can.