Thursday, 23 October 2008


Here's a good one: Mslexia magazine are now running a short fiction comp for women writers. Presumably because of the success of their poetry competition.

The prize money is great: £2,000 for first, plus a one week stay at Chawton House Library. I know I've retired from comps, but as I once again did not get an Arts Council Bursary, and another Fellowship I went for was not to be mine, it is becoming increasingly difficult to think of ways to earn money. So, I'm going to enter. (Maybe my retirement should be from the smaller Irish competitions only?)

Anyway, so far, the Mslexians have never liked anything I've sent them, so I probably haven't a snowball's chance, but it's worth a wee try, methinks.

Word count: 2200

Closing date: 23rd January 2009

Entry fee: £8 stg

Judge: Helen Simpson

See Mslexia's website here.


Sarah Hilary said...

Thanks - I'd not spotted this. Looks good. They've never liked anything of mine, either, but maybe they were waiting for a 2,000 word short story entry!

Women Rule Writer said...

Go for it, Sarah. What have we got to lose?!

Sarah Hilary said...

You're right. What's eight quid? Probably be worth less than 8p in a week's time anyway...