Monday, 4 May 2009


OK, I know I blogged this before. This is just a reminder that the launch event happens tomorrow night at 6pm in the No Grants Gallery in Temple Bar, Dublin. I'll be reading my Paul Durcan poem.

See y'all there, I hope!

From their website:

1st – 15th May

Creative Writing Exhibition

This celebration, including all forms of writing such as poetry and lyrics, will showcase a range of works from both established and up-coming writers. Each piece of work will be framed and on exhibition at our recession busting No Grants Gallery right here in Temple Bar, Dublin’s Cultural Quarter! Writers will illustrate their writing with imagery guides which will accompany their work.

Lunchtime readings will also take place throughout the 2 weeks so log on to for more details soon. The exhibition will officially launch on Tuesday May 5th will an open-mic evening from 6 – 8pm offering everyone an opportunity to discuss the written word.

Speaking about the new Creative Writing Exhibition, Gallery curator Carol Eakins said ‘“This exhibition is a celebration of verbal, visual and performance art and an opportunity to show the written word combined with an artistic eye and the spoken tongue to bring all creative writing to life. As a curator, artist and poet myself the creative writing exhibition is an opportunity for writers both professional and amateur to exhibit their work in an environment that shares their passion and enthusiasm for the arts.”


Emerging Writer said...

There's not a lot of publicity for these readings. Not even in the lovely Dublin Event Guide. I asked Carol did she want some help. Maybe she isn't so familiar with literary publicity and very small audiences...I'll be reading at 1 pm and again from 6-8 with the rest. See you there


I hope you get people in for the 1pm. It's a difficult time, especially if it's not v well advertised...
Do we just read our featured poem/piece in the evening slot, do you know? Or more?
Looking fwd to meeting you!

Emerging Writer said...

Don't know. I was going to play it by ear. The only publicity seems to be on my blog and some pathetic begging emails I've sent out to people I know (pretty well all of whom will be at work)!

P Nolan said...

Sorry, I couldn't make it down in the end. How'd it go?

BarbaraS said...

I couldn't make it to Dublin either. hope the two of ye's readings went well. Looking forward to hearing how it went.