Monday, 12 October 2009


I am fiction editor of Horizon Review 3, which is now online here.

I chose stories from six fabulous writers: Órfhlaith Foyle, Colm Keegan, Julia Van Middlesworth, Eva Eliav, Vivien Jones and Janice Soderling. I hope you enjoy my selections.

This is the poetry issue of the review and it features interviews with Craig Raine, Pascale Petit and Hugo Williams, plus new poems by Helen Ivory, Claire Crowther and many others, and a review of the Forward Prize-winning collection Rain by Don Paterson.

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Tania Hershman said...

Congrats on your new post! Eva Eliav was one of my students in the first class I taught, last year, so I am thrilled to see her name, and her fantastic short story, in this issue.

Liz said...

Nuala, hi, I tried to read Colm`s fiction but it doesn't download...not sure if it is just me and my machine or not...just off to read the other fiction.

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh my lord - jusr been reading the review - Barbara's poem with the wish doll!!!! Argh...she's got my doll idea...brilliant poem though...but it's the start of my book! Darn!

Soldering's fiction stood out for me, loved it all, but that one was the one I wished I'd written.
Great choices. I'd let you go to the library for me :)

I've written a very similar story to Jones', too :( I'm just not original, evidently!

Going to go away and think of something really obscure now - and maybe re-plot my novel, boohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Just read Colm's - powerful stuff. Cute pic as well!


T - that's great re Eva! This issue has been so long in the making, it doesn't feeel like a 'new' post, tbh. I've made a baby in the time it took to read, select, edit etc.! I'll be open to new subs in the new year for Issue 4.

Liz - that should be sorted now.

Rachel - do not change your work just cos someone else has written something like it. You'd drive yourself mad!!!

Eimear - he'll blush if he reads that!

Uiscebot said...

Well done on the edit Nuala. It's a great collection. I really enjoyed Barbara Smiths poetry, and Orlaith Foyle's short story was stunning - so vivid and visceral.

And thanks Eimear!

BarbaraS said...

Great choices N, if I do say so, and thanks to those who took the time to read mine.

Rachel, don't worry about it, you're writing a novel and your angle is probably a little different. After all, there's nothing new under the sun, just better approaches to things, and I'm really intrigued now and want to read this novel! See? What's wrong with that :)

Jane Holland said...

It's an excellent selection of fiction, Nuala - truly glad to have you aboard! And soon I will be announcing a brilliant new Arts Editor too ...

I'm such a lucky editor, having all this talent around me. ;)


Cheers Jane. I'm looking forward to getting more great fiction for the next issue.

janso said...

Thank you, Rachel, much appreciated.

And many thanks to Nuala and Jane. It's an honor to have my story selected.


Hi Janice
It was my pleasure to include your work.