Tuesday, 20 October 2009


This week my virtual tour takes me to Irish writer and journalist Johanna C. Leahy's blog in Oslo.
We talk about Trinity College, my path to publication, blogging and, of course, short stories!
Clicky here to 'listen' in.


Rachel Fenton said...

I enjoyed the different take on Nude from Johanna - How you as the writer behind it affected it, rather than focusing on the written word within Nude.

Well done with keeping up the momentum for the tours! And I'm definitely looking forward to your novel! You had that cuppa and a sit down yet? :)


Hey R - thank you so much for staying with the tour; it's hard to keep intertest going over 10 tour stops! You're great.
I'm still chasing my tail but am having to rest more cos I've been struck down with mysterious headaches. Not exactly the rest I was hoping for...!

Kar said...

Hi Nu,
Loved yesterdays interview. Yet again I find out little things I didn't know.
I agree with Rachel and really enjoyed the story behind the story so to speak.
And I can't wait for the new novel! Yay!


Thanks for reading Kar - it means a lot that some people have stayed with the tour throughout. I know it's not easy. You have STAMINA! Thanks!

Kar said...

I've loved the tour and I look forward to the final stops ;-)

Ethel Rohan said...

Another wonderful interview, Nuala. Funny, I had the same obsession with Trinity. Alas I didn't get to realize that goal. It was AIB Bankcentre for me. I did get my degree in the end, though, in California, and also a Masters in Fiction from the same college. Six years: two daughters and two degrees. No wonder I almost had a nervous breakdown :-)Crazy really, but I still believe I'll get a degree from Trinity yet.
I have a lot more on my vision board to realize. You continue to inspire me. Thanks.


Ah thanks Ethel. Greedily I want to go back to Trinners some day! Maybe we'll meet there as groovy old grannies!