Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I am here today at Vanessa Gebbie's blog on the penultimate stop on the Nude not Naked Tour.

As a virtuoso writer and editor Vanessa couldn't contain herself and asked more than the requisite 3 questions but her questions were so interesting, I didn't mind at all. Hope you enjoy the interview and thanks for sticking with me thus far.


Kar said...

Ah yes I spotted that there were more then 3 questions in there, but they were great questions and I loved that they were different, it can’t be easy at this point in the tour coming up with new and interesting questions. This time not only did we discover more about your work, writings, ideas etc. that went into Nude but we also learned a bit more about you too. The eating question made me smile!
And I LOVE the sentence ‘the steeple of her nose, wide church of her mouth and chin’, it’s bloody brilliant! I can’t believe someone could say that was over the top. One word sprang to mind, jealous! I’m glad you didn’t listen to her….


Ha ha, yes, such a saint style eater. Never mind that I ate my own weight in sweets this week-end!! OMG total stress-induced sugar craving thing going on. Meeennnttaaalll.

Rachel Fenton said...

I'm intrigued by the yellow walls.

Thoroughly enjoyed yet more wonderful insights into your writing (and eating :)) habits!

Sweets are excusable - they aren't a real food group so they don't count, for calories or sin!


Hi R
The yellow walls were here when we bought the house. Upstairs has yet to be decorated...so there's no deep creative meaning to them ;)
As for sweets, I'm steering clear for the mo - I think they make me feel crazy.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Thanks for answering the questions so interestingly, Nuaala. It was a great pleasure to host 'Nude'. Lots of good luck with it all.



Thanks V. Big thanks for hosting me on my tour. N x

Anna May said...

Great interview Nuala and Vanessa. I was sucked by the little details.

Go yellow walls,I think they are bright and sparky for writing in, too. You mentioned chocolate and red wine which coincidentally are also my vices. Or used to be because Jim Crace the novelist once gave a talk on a course I was doing and warned that 'alcohol is the enemy of promise' where writers are concerned. His words frightened me off vino a bit so now I've doubled upon the chocolate instead.

Anna May x

Anna May said...

ahem, that should have read 'I was sucked IN by the little details...'
Anna May x


Sucked by, sucked in...who cares??!! Glad you liked!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview over at Vanessa Gebbie's site, Nuala. Loved the length, and could easily have gone on happily reading had there been more questions - the mark of a truly successful interview, that.
Good luck with 'Nude'!