Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Today I'm at Merc's World - the blog home of writer Sylvia Petter - for the last stop on my virtual tour. I thought I'd be glad but actually I'm sad it's all over, sniff sniff.

Merc usually resides in Vienna but at the moment she's at home in her native Australia, so my tour has circumnavigated the globe in true world tour style, from New Zealand to Ireland and the UK several times, to Switzerland, Norway and the USA, all the way back to the Antipodes and Oz. It's been fun. Thanks to those who followed it all.

We talk about smells (?), workshopping and how I found the tour here


Kar said...

ah I'm raging the tour is over, its been great, I've enjoyed my Tuesday morning ritual – print off the interview, head to the canteen for coffee, have a read, scribble a comment in the margin, back to the desk, leave my comment and over the course of the day read other peoples opinions and things that struck a cord with them, its been enlightening…..
and yep its kinda sad that its over.
So well done Nu!
and Congratulations! I’ve loved it…


I have some more reviews n interviews lined up, Kar. So you'll have the odd coffee n read yet!
Thanks for following it so closely! N x

Merc said...

It's been great, Nuala. Lots of terrific insights - worth collating, hmmmm. Thanks for having me on board.

Rachel Fenton said...

Well done Nuala, and Merc - really enjoyed trotting along behind over the weeks!