Monday, 16 November 2009

WRITING SPIRIT AWARD - closing soon!

There's just two weeks* left to enter the FREE TO ENTER Writing Spirit Award over at Writing4All. There's a not-to-be-sniffed at €1000 top prize.

This short fiction writing competition is open to all Writing4all members. So you just join the site and then you can enter. Easy peasy.

Word count: 750 up to 4000 words

Closing date for entries: 30th November 2009*

Prizes: First: €1000 Second: €300 Third: €150

Result: by 21st December - a nice Xmas prezzie!

All you need to know is here.

NEW: Judge: Nadine O'Regan - books ed of The Sunday Business Post


Emerging Writer said...

I don't know why but I'm a little doubtful about this competition. The finance comes from a self-publishing firm, which is OK but it's a lot of money. Does this apparently small firm have it? Who judges it? Plus you have to post a story online and in practise, lose ownership of it. am I being paranoid or does anyone else's scam antennae buzz?


Hi EW,
Presumably they do have the prize money if they are offering it. I know Eimear Galvin who runs the site and she is a Trojan worker.
It *would* help to know who is judging the comp - they should consider announcing that as people do like to know.
Really, the only people who can read the online stories are other members of Writing4all, so no worries there.

Eimear said...

Hi there,

Call me biased but I am going to call you paranoid.

Arts Editor Nadine O' Regan has agreed to judge the Writing Spirit Award for Short Fiction.

Nadine is The Sunday Business Post’s Books and Arts Editor, an occasional telly pundit with The View on RTE 1 and the presenter and producer of The Kiosk, Dublin indie-rock station Phantom 105.2’s arts and culture show, which airs Saturday mornings at 11am.

While we are on the subject the closing date for the Writing Spirit Award for Short Fiction has now been extended until Dec 31st. A newsletter has been sent to that effect today.

You certainly do not lose ownership of you work, be it in the Writing Spirit category or any other in the web site. I would refer you to our terms and conditions which clearly state you, the author, retain ownership.

As regards the prize money query. I'm - err - not quite sure how to respond to that. Are you asking for profit margins of Original Writing? Which by the by is indeed our sister company but also entirely separate from w4all.

Hope this satisfies your questions but by all means drop me a line if you have some more(

Cheerio. E

Ps - thanks for the props Nuala

Totalfeckineejit said...

Free? Did somebody say FREE to enter.YABBADABBADOO a comp I can afford to enter.750 words in 2 weeks is do-able , even for me.It's just finding the right 750 words.Better start looking. Pip pip!


Thanks for the clarifications, Eimear. All in all it sounds like a great comp.

TFE - free gratis! And now you have an extra four weeks to compose your magnum opus. G'luck!

Kar said...

thanks for this post Nu.
You've the best blog in town for alerting us to the comps.
FREE! deadly!
I think this one is a no brainer!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Eimear for that reassurance. (and I've been called worse!)
Just that there are so many scams and "I know, let's have a competition" badly thought out things online.


Free entry is certainly a huge bonus to cash-strapped writers, Kar. And the prizes are excellent.