Saturday, 19 December 2009


Author Gerry Hanberry

The book signing in Kennys today was lovely: well attended, friendly and, hopefully for Kennys, lucrative. We had mince pies and mulled wine, coffee and Christmas cake, and lots of chats.

Author Geraldine Mills

Kennys is one of Ireland's best bookshops - it is run by people who genuinely and wholeheartedly LOVE books. And art. They have an art gallery on site.

Author Fred Johnston

Kennys are famous for hanging photos of visiting authors - the fame quotient is v high - and we had a group pic taken today as well as individual shots for their website and archive. Maybe even their wall.

Author Órfhlaith Foyle & Juno

It was nice to meet up with the great and good of Galway writing: Geraldine Mills, Gerry Hanberry, Órfhlaith Foyle, Fred Johnston, Dara Foyle, Colm Brady, Conor Montague, Alan Caden, Lucy McCrann, Sandra Bunting, Aideen Henry, Colette Nic Aodha, Tom Mathews, John Quinn, James Martyn Joyce, Aoife Casby, Michael O'Loughlin... I know I have forgotten people, so I do apologise for that.

The writers! Kennys - 19th December 2009

Anyhoo, books were bought, literature was celebrated and a good time was had.


Totalfeckineejit said...

I'd say Juno was the star of the show!

Anna May said...

Juno stole the show by the look of things - she's so gorgeous. Happy Christmas to you and yours.
Anna May x

Anonymous said...

Juno is the most literary baby around. :)


Look at y'all making comments about Juno unbeknownst to each other!
Yes, she comes everywhere with us mainly because we don't have family nearby to mind her while we gallivant. She's v well behaved so I'm sure people don't feel too pissed off to see a baby there. (You know how much Irish people love children...)
When my boys were young they came to every lit event too - it turned the elder one off for life.

Niamh Griffin said...

Looks like a great day! And what a cute smile from Juno - whatever about literary she definitely loves the cameras:)

Tania Hershman said...

How wonderful, a mass literary event, what a great idea! (And yes, that Juno, she's a cutey... !)


Hi Niamh and Tan - yes, it was a lovely event. I hope it will be an annual affair.
Happy Christmas to you both,
Nu x

Ev said...

I want that baby! Feck the books - just give me the baby. Seriously, looks like ye all had a great day, I'd say Kennys is a great place for a launch/signing


Hi Ev - baby sitting duties can be arranged!!!
Kennys is lovely. Always a positive experience.