Sunday, 27 December 2009


The books I got for Xmas:

A Time in Rome - Elizabeth Bowen

Fodor's Rome

The Lonely Planet Rome Encounter

(Are you seeing a pattern here?!)

Poems and Prose - Christina Rossetti

The Girl with the Cactus Handshake (poetry) - Katrina Naomi

Off the Wall (poetry anthology) - ed. Niall MacMonagle

Sisters - An Anthology - eds. Freeman, Wojcik and Bull

Olive Kitteridge (short stories) - Elizabeth Strout

God, I love new books. Thanks Finbar, Órfhlaith, Úna and Marcella!


Ethel Rohan said...

Enjoy! I love Christina Rossetti, and OLIVE KITTERIDGE is a terrific read.

Rachel Fenton said...

Rossetti and Bowen - two of my faves!

Me thinks it would be easier to go to Rome than read all of those though ;)


Ethel - I asked for that one! Looking fwd to reading it.

Rachel - hmmm, lucky I am then, eh!?

Niamh Griffin said...

Sounds like you have a holiday coming up! Hope you're allowing plenty of time to sit and read with the odd glass of vino to help you:)


I do indeedy, Niamh.
Never thought I'd say this but I'm getting sick of alcohol - roll on the frugal New Year and have a good one!

Tanya said...

Hi Nuala - As a first-time blogger I'm leaving my first comment on your page! You have been selected, you lucky thing! :)
While I'm here and nosing around your Christmas reading list, I'd like to recommend a couple of books that I read during the year that I think you might enjoy. The first is called 'The God of Animals.' It's an excellent debut novel by American writer Aryn Kyle. The second is 'Tenderwire' by Claire Kilroy, who I think is an extremely fresh and original talent on the Irish scene. I received her latest in my Christmas stocking and can't wait to get down to reading it!


Hi Tanya
Welcome to blog land. Be warned - it can become addictive!
I've read one of Claire's books and I have Tenderwire on my shelf as a 'to read'. There aren't enough hours in the day for all the books I have lined up to get through.
Happy New Year!
N x