Monday, 8 February 2010


In Greek myth, the goddess Artemis is an androgynous goddess. She had, apparently, a masculine energy and independence, and did 'not possess much need for a man to complete her.' Now you know. With that in mind I bring you Artemis, the literary mag. Well, not me exactly, I'm just passing on the info:
Artemis is a new UK magazine which focuses on publishing women's poetry and reviewing poetry collections by women. To subscribe, submit poems or purchase a specimen copy of  Artemis, e-mail co-editor Dilys Wood at, or write to Dilys Wood, 9 Green Dale Close, London SE22 8TG.

Subscription cost for 2 issues is £9, and the  next deadline for poetry submissions is 28 February (2 copies of each poem, with no  more than 4 poems overall with a total maximum word count of 200 words).

The Poetry
Editor for the May issue of Artemis will be Alison Brackenbury.


Rachel Fenton said...

See, I can't send anything here because it would be against my principles! Flipping heck - I'm never going to get anywhere at this rate, am I? I am a very androgynous woman though, there's albow room there. I might attempt to write down just what my feminist manifesto is and see if I can't pinpoint the idiocy in it and prune it out. I feel very torn about women only arenas because half of me thinks "about time", but then...half of me says well, "this is just the same sexism women have been fighting against for so long". But then I am making zero money and I have two kids so what are principles worth when all's said and done?


The beauty of feminism is that it is fluid, Rachel - it doesn't just say or mean one thing. It is ever evolving.

I think women only arenas are fine. There are plenty of men only golf clubs, drinking clubs etc. At least this is cultural!!