Wednesday, 10 February 2010


On Sunday - Valentine's Day - I head to New York (virtually - sigh) to wunderkind Eimear Ryan's blogspot for an interview about my newest short fiction collection, Nude.

Eimear is a hot young Irish writer who is currently holed up in Brooklyn, writing and writing and writing. She won a Hennessy Award last year and she is destined for BIG things. You heard it here first.

Eimear plans to give away stuff - a copy of Nude and either a bag or a mug from the fabulous Strand Bookstore. Do join us for talk of love (of short fiction), literary crushes and e-books, amongst lots more.

I did spend Valentine's Day in New York two years ago with two of my favourite men, as it happens. It was bliss. The men? Mr Nuala and Rufus, of course! Happy days, as the young people say.


Kar said...

I look forward to this! Happy Val Day! x

BarbaraS said...

I've never been, but look forward to going sometime :) Have a good virtual spin there!