Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Happy Saint Patrick's Day, people. I am in the back of my (green) car as I write this, heading from Dublin to Galway. (We went to see Paloma Faith in Vicar St last night. A great gig - she is brilliantly bonkers.) We're scooting back to see the Middle Child in the parade in the 'Sloe, though he is threatening not to march. I think the memory of being temporarily lost after last year's parade is looming large in his mind. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm going to post one of my two Paddy's Day related poems for y'all and wish ye a Guinness-fuelled, green and happy day. Personally, I am not in the mood for alcohol at all today but a nice Irish dinner (spuds!) and a creme egg will do the trick. 

Beannachtaí na féile, oraibh!

Saint Patrick’s Day, Achill Island

‘Jamesie,’ she says to me, from the chair,
‘put the green frock on me today,
I’m feeling powerful festive.’
‘I will, Dolly,’ says I, ‘it’s the one colour
that brings up the gold in your hair.’
‘Don’t cod me,’ she roars, ‘the hair’s a disaster.’

We settle down, watch the parade on RTÉ,
and drink six bottles of porter apiece.
‘This is the life, Dolly, hah?’ I say,
but there isn’t a gug out of her;
all I hear are gulls and the hum-thrum
of a tractor going down the boreen.


Titus said...

Terribly jealous that you got to see Ms Faith.
Happy St Patrick's Day!


Lovely, lovely poem Nuala. Full of life. Happy Paddy's Day to you and yours. Just watched Eclipse on RTE. Conor McPherson's script of a Billy Roche short story. Loved it. Aidan Quinn gets to play a rascal at last. He does a good rascal. Off to bed. jx

Jeanne Iris said...

A wonderfully poetic Irish tale this St. Padraig's Day! Over on this side of the pond, we still have another hour left, and I'm so glad I decided to end this day reading your lovely verse. Go raibh maith agat!

BarbaraS said...

I loved this poem in the pamphlet and having been to Achill a few times, I get the loneliness thing too. We enjoyed cabbage, bacon and spuds - shure you couldn't get any more Irish than that -


Belate greets to yuo, Jaki. Missed Eclipse. Damn - mad about Mr Quinn.

Jeanne - ah, thank you.

Thanks B.
We had sheperd-less pie - mmmm. And half a ton of choc. Bliss.


Titus - she was beyond fab. Such a brilliant live performer. And v good humoured and sweet.

Ossian said...

Beautiful poem.