Tuesday, 11 May 2010


So I went to New York last week and got married to my beloved Mr Vegan (photos on Facebook for those interested!) We had a truly wonderful time and I got to meet writer and fellow blogger Eimear in the flesh, which was lovely. What a great girl.

We did so much fantastic stuff but one of my literary highlights was a visit to the offices of The New Yorker in the Condé Nast building on Times Square. A friend works in another magazine in that building and her friend is a fiction editor at The New Yorker so she brought me to meet him. It is a HUGE office, with lines of cubicles, very hushed and busy. The walls on the way in are hung with framed original drawings of cover after cover. We had a lovely chat about short stories, the Frank O'Connor Festival, the Cúirt Festival, short fiction writers we both enjoy and about their summer fiction issue of American writers under 40. Something to look forward to reading.

He showed me the slush pile in a little room. Oh lordy - lots of envelopes! And apparently it is much reduced since they receive many subs by email. It was fun and daunting and exciting to be there and I really enjoyed it. A world away from Ballinasloe!

Now I have jet lag and must prepare a week-end's worth of teaching for my short fiction course in the IWC this week-end. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Kar said...

oh your visit to the New Yorker sounds amazing!
I am dying to see the wedding pic's, no work access to fb unfortunately :-(
I hope you recover from the jet lag soon

Ethel Rohan said...

Nuala, I had no idea! Heartfelt congratulations to you both.

BarbaraS said...

I love the way you just dropped that in there: 'So I went to New York last week and got married...' you're a complete fox!

Congrats to you both - I'm delighted for you both :)

Anna May said...

How Fanbloomingtastically romantic!
I wish you both good health and great times.
Anna May x

Anonymous said...

Mmm, New Yorker slush must have a special kind of glow ... I figure only the deluded and the supremely talented dare submit there.

It was amazing meeting you, Nu!

Merc said...

Oh wonderful congratulations to you both! And the New Yorker! I was there years ago and my stilted memory recalls a bathtub full of books received and maybe read. But i´m told it was never a bath tub. At least in New York no one will query the validity of your marriage as people did our Las Vegas one ;) Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto, Mrs.


Ah thanks girlies! We had a marvellous time. I was relaxed -RELAXED!! - on my wedding day and the sun shone, the food and company were lovely, and it was just a blast. We are still glowing.
I'd recommend it to anyone!
N x


Merc - I can't believe I get to go to Toronto too! I feel priveleged and am really looking forward to it and to meeting you again. N x