Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Irish Writers, Authors and Poets Handbook

This new handbook covers Ireland as a whole and is by David Jones and Oscar Duggan (editors). It's €14.95. I haven't seen or read it but thought some of you might be interested.

From their site:

Practical information on writing novels, short-stories, newspaper and magazine articles, for writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Tips too on blogging and social media.
Useful tips on getting published; submitting manuscripts, approaching agents and writing covering letters. Advice on e-publishing, assisted publishing and book production.
Comprehensive, up-to-date listings of publishers, literary agents, national and local newspapers, magazines, writing festivals, literary blogs and journals in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Find out how to protect your copyright, get an ISBN number and organise legal deposit.
This is a reference book that writers and everyone connected with books and book publishing will refer to over and over again.
A must have for public libraries, creative writing groups, literary agents, publishers, editors and writers of all kinds.

Buy it here.


Ram said...

seems to be a useful book :)
is it equally useful for blogging??


Hi Ram
Dunno - haven't read it, as I said. Mail the writers & ask, maybe?!

BarbaraS said...

I wish there had been a book like this around when I was starting out ten years ago - instead of me wandering about the Irish lit-verse like a right eejit and finding out for meself ;)


I think learning things 'the hard way' makes you learn them better though, B.
Sometimes when I give tons of info to students I think 'You haven't earned this'. And I suspect they don't use it for the same reason.

The Author's Friend said...

I would say that it is very useful for blogging and social media in general but I leave you to judge that for yourselves.

One thing we tried to cover in this handbook is the changes that are happening in publishing. We cover the Internet Revolution, which gives authors a platform to market and sell their book. But we also cover the Digital Revolution and the benefits this offers to authors in terms of production.

I look forward to hearing your comments. For a first attempt we are quite pleased with the result. But these things can always be improved upon.

Oscar Duggan


Thanks for stopping by, Oscar, and best of luck with the book. It looks like a much-needed and good addition to the books on writing in Ireland.

chiccoreal said...

Can you get this in ebook format?


If you check out the link on the main blog post it brings you to the publishers site. They will have contact info there and you can ask them directly.