Tuesday, 6 July 2010


A quick hello from a drizzly West Cork. My short fiction class is going well and the three hours per day goes by in a flash; the class is lively - we talk a  lot - but we're getting through the work too. Brian O'Connell, who sat in briefly yesterday, gives us a mention in today's Irish Times.

Brian read from his book Wasted yesterday and Sue Leonard read from her new book on depression, Keys to the Cage. They both read moving sometimes shocking pieces and there was lively and informative discussion afterwards on alcoholism and depression.

My reading with Alex Barclay today went off nicely. There were over 120 people there - this is one well attended festival. I was delighted to meet Clem Cairns - the man behind Fish publishing - and Cork author Ian Wild who writes fabulous short fiction.

Mister, Baby and I are all only starting to feel well after DAYS of suffering with a stomach bug. Today we actually ate - yay! So our energy levels are picking up and we hope to go to more events.


WiseMóna said...

Drizzly and rainy back in Galway too. Sounds like you are having a lovely time.

Kar said...

You sell it well Nu, I’m wishing I was there. Well done on the Irish Times mention, its great. And also great to hear of 120 people at your reading wooowhooooo!

Sorry to hear you were all unwell, I’d something similar a week or so ago, not pleasant at all.
Glad you're on the mend now, enjoy the rest of your stay..