Friday, 9 July 2010


Chris Beckett (Judge) and Jeremy Dyson

Jeremy Dyson of League of Gentlemen fame won the Edge Hill Prize last night in London. And Robert Shearman won the Readers' Prize. Congrats to both.

We dashed to London from the West Cork Lit Fest and dashed back this morning for my class. The event took place in Blackwell's book shop on the incomparable Charing Cross Road, a stone's throw from where number 84 once plied its trade. Now a Pizza Hut, sadly.

Nuala, Elizabeth Baines & Jen Hamilton-Emery

There was wine, there was cake, there were writers. AL Kennedy didn't show but the rest of us 'listees were there (we got compensatory Parker pens and Edge Hill flash drives) and we chatted and drank and adjourned afterwards to The Phoenix artists' club across the lane. Briefly in our case as our darling Juno was hot and tired so we left. It was great to chat, however shortly, to Elizabeth Baines, Jen Hamilton-Emery, Adam Marek and Rob Shearman.

Robert Shearman accepting the Readers' Prize

Nuala and Jeremy, signing his book for my sister - his number one fan!


Tania Hershman said...

huge congrats on the shortlisting, the event looks like it was really fun - and flash drives, how nice! Congratulations to Jeremy and Rob - interesting to see TV writers move into short stories, clearly the "hot" area right now :)

Rachel Fenton said...

Great pics. Looks like it was a happy night.


Tania - thank you. Yes, maybe they have something zeitgeisty because of their experience in screenwriting? Who knows?

Rachel - it was. Very jolly!

BarbaraS said...

Looks like you had a great time, N, bet you're glad you went :) I didn't know yer man was one of the League writers - I love that show.

Miss_Úna said...

Oh My!
Firstly my commiserations Nuala, I wish you were the winner :(
But what's all this? Did you get Jeremy D to sign a book for me? If so THANK YOU!!
It seems to have been a nice event despite having been so fleeting.
I cannot believe 84 Charing Cross Road is a Pizza Hut, CRIMINAL!!


Hi Úna
Yes, I got Jer's book for you & he signed it to you. He was very nice and sweet. Sort of shy.
Will you have a biggish bag with you on Thursday? I have other bits for you from Toronto.
N x
p.s. I know re 84 - it's the saddest thing.

Miss_Úna said...

Yes I would imagine he is the shy type. I will make sure I do have a bag woohoo! Thank you Nuala.

Anna May said...

How brilliant to be shorlisted - a huge well done and I hope Juno is collecting air miles for later in life !
Anna May x