Friday, 6 August 2010


The Centre for Creative Practices is a gorgeous little gem of an arts centre, right in the heart of Dublin city - just near St Stephen's Green. I was expecting a sort of gloomy, damp venue (the usual arts centre type place) but this is a light-filled basement in a Georgian house. The walls are stripped back to reveal the stone and they are hung with a stunning variety of artworks. The centre hosts art exhibitions, runs readings and classes, and there is an atmosphere of can-do and vibrancy about the place. Very pleasant altogether.

Oh, and they have beanbags. I nearly forgot to mention the beanbags! They are so cool and my audience looked comfy and relaxed as they lolled in front of me, sipping complementary herbal tea.

Some of the audience on the beanbags

I read a chapter from the novel but mostly it was a Q&A which turned into a lively discussion/conversation on everything from 2nd person POV, to translation, to what is, or is not, legitimate writing fodder (eg whether it is OK to use friends' stories in your work, without their say-so).

So, my thanks to Ian and Monika for having me there to read, and to all the lovely people who turned up and made the night so friendly, interesting and fun.


Rachel Fenton said...

Gorgeous venue - were there really no rustly bottoms on beanbags though - doubt I could sit still - especially as my knees would be blocking my ears if I sat on a beanbag! Mind, they all look totally enchanted! Very cool pics.

Might start sourcing cool venues now for when my fantasy of getting a novel published comes true...

Kar said...

A great reading Nu, the discussion afterwards was great, it felt very much like an interesting chat between a group of friends. Its not every writer that can pull such a comfortable evenining off, so well done! It was a pleasure to be there.


No rustly bums, Rae. They were supersonic beanbags.
Come to Ireland! Read to us!


Ah, Ta, Kar. Glad you enjoyed. I did too. Always a good sign :)