Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dublin: Twelve Journeys, One Destination

I have a story in a new anthology from the Irish Writers' Exchange - out in October - and myself and fellow contributor Jeanette Rehnstrom are featured in their newsletter this month. We were each asked the same two questions and our answers, from the Exchange's current newsletter, are below.

From the newsletter, about the anthology:

"Out this autumn, Dublin: Twelve Journeys, One Destination is a collection of short stories about Dublin by Irish authors as well as authors of other nationalities who have made Ireland their home.

From Melatu Okorie's tale of the Irish asylum system's hidden depth to Oran Ryan's moving account of the trials of a library assistant, from Joan Arbery's story of a late-night misadventure throughout the streets of Dublin to Isabel Roleff's account of one woman's victory over institutional child abuse, the collection seamlessly weaves together profound insight into life's momentous issues with experiences we can all share. A dazzling array of fresh talent, the collection truly has something for everyone.

Dublin: Twelve Journeys, One Destination,
is now available for pre-order on our webpage.

Find out more about the publication and order your copy here."

Featured Author: Jeanette Rehnstrom

Jeanette's writing life began with her grandmother’s gift of a beautiful round-keyed typewriter. Having lived in her native Sweden, London, Los Angeles and New York, she moved to Dublin in 2004. A regular contributor to GCN magazine since 2005 on immigration and rural isolation issues, she is working on her novel At Cross due out this coming winter.

Why do you write?
I’ve always felt writing to be something self-evident in my life. I write because that is what I do. When I write I come live to a degree which is very particular to that activity alone. Writing connects me to a type of freedom which I am otherwise rarely able to reach.

Why did you provide a story for Dublin: Twelve Journeys, One Destination?
Much of my life I’ve spent as an “other”, this even when I was living in my country of birth, Sweden, due to a very personal disconnection to much of what is asked of Swedes by Swedes. I strongly believe in the wisdom generated by outsiders. I believe this particular sort of insight works as a rocket fuel for positive change on ingrown debilitating societal patterns. Hence, my involvement in this project.

Featured Author: Nuala Ní Chonchúir

Galway writer Nuala Ní Chonchúir holds a BA in Irish from Trinity College Dublin and a Masters in Translation Studies from Dublin City University. Having worked as an arts administrator, translator and bookseller, she currently teaches creative writing. She has been shortlisted for the Edge Hill Prize for her short story collection Nude.

Why do you write?

I write because I'm compelled to; if I don't write, I'm extrememly crabby so it keeps me sane, really. My writing grows out of my reading - I've always been a hungry reader - and I just love telling stories. Not orally but specifically by writing them down.

Why did you provide a story for Dublin: Twelve Journeys, One Destination?
I'm from Dublin and I love both city and county, so I was attracted to the project for that reason. Lots of my work - including my novel You - is set in Dublin. It seemed to be a fit for me so I sent in my story and was
delighted to be accepted.


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