Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Greg McQueen is at it again and 50 Stories for Pakistan will be out soon. All proceeds to the Red Cross. Isn't the cover stunning? I'm delighted to have a story in it along with the following:

A Fluttering by Robert J. McCarter
A Little Bit of Heaven by Joanne Fox
A Little Help? by Erik Svehaug
All Bound for Morningtown by Susan Lanigan
All The World's a Stage by Anne Mullane
Angel by Lisa Ricard Claro
Astral Footfalls by R.J. Newlyn
Cherry In The Summer by Martin Webster
Desert Culture by Jonathan Pinnock
Detention by Trevor Belshaw
Evelyn Walsh and The Miraculous Wig Club by Julia Bohanna
Getting Wood by Iain Pattison
Grandma by Laura Eno
I Don't Even Have a Name by Dave Clark
Just Like Her Father by Pam Howes
Ladder to God by Alun Williams
Leather Tack and Tears by Annie Evett
Lines by Jennifer Stakes
Listen by Rebecca Emin
Lucy and the Tuit by Marjorie Tolchard
Morning Toast by Marit Meredith
Mr Harris Gets A Fright by Paul Malone
No Ball by Ewan Lawrie
Nobody Dies from Drizzle by Jarred McGinnis
Office Honesty by Alex Tomlin
One of the Night Bus Folk by Gail Richards
Packages to Neighbours by Benjamin Solah
Promises by Ruchira Mandal
Seconds by Alyson Hilbourne
Sometimes by Ramon Collins
Spellbound by Darren Lee
Suki by Riaz Ali
The Bangle Man by Nasim Marie Jafry
The Critic by Heather Parker
The Day We Met by Shazia Bibi
The Hotdog Stand by Andrew Parrott
The Irish Poet by Brigid O'Connor
The Long Journey by Rob Innis
The Prisoner of Mansfield by Tony Williams
The San Marco Love Surfer by Annemarie Neary
The Scar by Emma Newman
The Sea by Robert Long
The Silver Pen by Beryl Brown
The Sparkler by Vanessa Couchman
The Summer Contest Joanna Campbell
Trashion Passion by Sylvia Petter
Wish You Were Here by Rosemary Hayes
Writing to Reach You by Paul Anderson
Zippy Bags and Post-Its by Alice Turner


Aoife.Troxel said...

Bravo! Great job. Those stories for... are so great. You can use your talent to help people without giving money you don't have :D


Thanks Aoife. The kudos is all Greg's. What a great guy.

TOM J VOWLER said...

Looks great. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Ruchiraa said...

Hi. I'm also one of these 50 writers. Nice of you to put the list up, I just emulated you!

Rachel Fenton said...

Hey, well done you and to all the others in there - brill thing.

The cover is amazing.


Congrats Ruchira - look forward to reading your story.

Ta, Tom & Rae