Friday, 3 September 2010


Ah Limerick. How we slate you. We call you 'Stab City' and 'Crime Capital'. Do I agree with this tosh? Generally not. I have enjoyed many fine days and nights in Limerick and my reading there at On the Nail last night was another such treat.

The venue in The Locke Bar is an excellent one: it's like a mini-theatre tucked into the attic of a genuinely lovely pub, and Limerick audiences love literature. The place was JAMMED and the audience laughed at all the right spots, bought books, and came up to me afterwards with generous comments. This was lovely and heartwarming as I have been having such crises of confidence lately about writing.

Writer Gerard Stembridge (who is a native) and famous (!) also went down a treat reading from his WIP, a novel. As baby was with us, we couldn't stay for the open mic but there were wall-to-wall readers and the atmosphere was wonderful.

So why the crime-related preamble? Well, when I went to collect my car at the hotel car park this morning it was gone. Presuming I had mis-rememembered my parking spot I walked the whole place twice, panic rising, pushing Juno, oblivious in her buggy. Then the lovely carpark attendant walked with me. Then he went alone. But no car. I had been mortified telling the attendant I couldn't find my car - it seemed so silly, but much CCTV footage and Garda interviewing later, it was established my car had been stolen. By two hoody-wearing teenagers. In Limerick. What a cliché.

Does this put me off Limerick? Certainly not. It's a great city with great people and last night, with the balmy weather, I could've stayed for a week to wander and soak up all it has to offer, day and night. I got 2 buses back to Galway today, with baby, so I am weary, weary, weary. And I miss my car.

There's a slide show of the On the Nail night's events here.


Aidan said...

That is really awful for you. I hope that your good humour regarding your bad luck will translate into much good luck for the next while. Beir bua ,

Ethel Rohan said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Nuala. How upsetting. I applaud your attitude. Hang in there.

Rachel Fox said...

Portrait of the artist without a car - oh dear! Glad the evening went well though.

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh no!!! And two busses back - chunder making altogether.

So sorry!

You're being very generous of spirit about it all.

CCTV isn't much use....the good news is you did not imagine losing your was indeed stolen...the bad news is..we have no way of identifying the culprits!


Totalfeckineejit said...

Ah Nuala trhat's terrible about the car.I've experienced that in the past with a motorbike, your mind just can't take it in at first.
And having to buses home with Juno is an added cruelty.

Glad the book reading went so well though and I cannot believe you have a crisis of confidence in your writing!? Janey Macaroony,
have you been drinking absinthe?


Jeez, I might sound perky but I'm actually quite pissed off.
The car hs been found. Not sure re damage. The nice Garda will ring me back 'in the next few days', so we'll see.
I think the blow was softened by how good & kind the car park people were to me and also the Gards.


Aidan - thank you, that's a nice way to look at things. Luck with the lotto tomorrow night would be most welcome :)

Ethel - thanks, missus.

Foxy Rachel - ha ha ha! You've made me laugh. Thank you!

Rae - the CCTV images were surprisingly clear, actually. It made it very real too actually seeing the little bastards with my darling car. Sniff sniff.

TFE - I'm just having a downer few weeks with one thing and another. Thinking 'What's the point?' when crime, misier memoir and chicklit are the only earners. I'm feeling poor and cranky :(
Stolen car now adding to my financial woes.


Misery memoir is what I meant not whatever nonsense spelling I wrote above. And I'm only on my first glass of wine!
It's been a long day.

PoetryMum said...

oh my God Nuala, I'm so sorry to hear this! I just logged on to let you know ow enjoyable your reading was and how much I am enjoying the book. I feel terrible for you and your family, hubby said he would have driven ye to Galway had he known! I found both your reading and the fact you had your little girl with you inspiring, I recently had to do a reading in Galway and we had a lot of hassle finding a babysitter. All the best, I hope your luck gets better from here. ps are you crazy - questioning your ability to write!

ALI PALMER said...

So awful & with a baby? - can't even imagine. Sounds like that glass of wine is well deserved. Thoughts,


Poetry Mum - thank you. It was really nice to meet you. Bringing baby is not ideal but we had no choice but to bring her.
Re crisis of confidence, well...I get fed up when people like Jordan are called 'novelists' while real writers slog away for pennies. Sometimes I just think 'What's the point?' - but it passes!


Ali - thanks for your thoughts. The wine went down well. And quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what a horrible cliche. My heart goes out to you Nuala. You are being very gracious about it - I would be all, FECK LIMERICK!