Tuesday, 7 September 2010


My novel You was reviewed on Arena last night by Pádraig Ó Moráin and Jane Ruffino. It's a mixed review, but overall, I think, it comes down on the side of positivity. Both had read the novel closely and they certainly enjoyed aspects of the book. Seán Rocks definitely seemed to like it!

Good quote:
On the use of the second person: 'an impressive triumph' (Jane Ruffino)

Best quote:
'If you enjoy thrillers or chick-lit this isn't for you.'  (Pádraig Ó Moráin) YES!!!!!!!

You can listen to the review here (Click on the link on the sidebar which offers you the entire show to listen to - the review is at the start of the show.)


Anonymous said...

That was deffo positive! I liked that Jane emphasized the awesomeness of Cora and Noel. :)

Miss_Úna said...

Finally I got to listen! Bless my IT Manager at work for downloading Realplayer for me. Fantastic review of YOU Nuala. I disagree with Jane's opinion that the use of the 2nd person, I personally found it flawless.


Thanks, girls.
Ah, reviewing is an odd thing. I know that cos I do it myself.
I can really enjoy a book then I start picking at things.
Still and all it was good and they read it carefully, which was pleasing.

Lynn said...

I love the "best quote." Sounds original.

Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

Totalfeckineejit said...

You're right Nuala much more positives than negs, and some mighty compliments in there too.To review the review I'd say it was good ,they did go into picky detail a bit so they must have really got drawn into the book.But it was a review that would make you want to read the book,and that's the acid test surely?


Lynn - I am the Anti-Chicklit - that's why it pleased me so much!

TFE - it is indeed :)

Rachel Fenton said...


Couldn't access the show very easily off your link so here's the one I used in case anyone else has a prob :)

..."impressive triumph"...

I think they really dug in there with tweezers and your characterisation really had them hooked.

I actually took the "writerly" remarks as a good thing, too, because those are the books I most love to read. I want a book that makes me itch to know how it was constructed...and where I think this remark failed as a criticism was insomuch as your book was being read by precisely the people who would notice its literary and writerlyness yet who failed to see how the book would appeal to less literary minded people and I really think your novel works at both a high intellectual level and a very entertaining mainstream reader level and I don't think that should be sniffed at. It isn't putting it down with chick-lit. I think it shows your capabilities, as a writer, to tell a consuming story.

What I love about your stories is that I can read them and I get them, or think I do, but then I go back and I read them again and there's something in there I didn't catch the first time or that I read in a new light, or a phrase or way of describing something. I great story is one where the cleverness hits you afterwards! That's what yours do.

I'm yawning on - apologies...is nearly middlenight...waited all day to hear this in peace!


Thanks a million, Rachel, I'm inclined to agree with you re the 'writerly' concerns.
I'll update the link.
Nearly mid-day here. How odd! Night!
N x