Thursday, 18 November 2010


The shortlist for the BBC Short Story Award has been announced. Winner to be announced next week, I think. This seems to have passed me by somewhat, stuck as I am in a novel-writing and avoiding the net groove. Not that the novel's going anywhere. Yet.
Anyway, the rather excellent David Constantine is on it & they are broadcasting them all this week:
  1. Tea at the Midland by David Constantine
  2. Haywards Heath by Aminatta Forna
  3. Butcher's Perfume by Sarah Hall
  4. If it Keeps on Raining by Jon McGregor
  5. My Daughter the Racist by Helen Oyeyemi
Jim Naughtie, Chair of Judges, said of this year's award:

"The short story can expose a writer, cruelly. It takes skill to be able to complete the job, and like a miniaturist on canvas who has to work to distil a world into a few square inches the writer who can suggest a great span in a story that has to be kept in check is a true servant of the craft. A short story needs to waste no time. It can't meander, unless the wandering is perfectly controlled and has a hidden purpose. As judges we found in our discussion that although our tastes and stylistic passions are probably quite different, we knew a good one when we saw one ..."

More here.


Anna May said...

I'm with you Nuala, it passed me by, too. I had a vague knowledge of this comp and wondered if I might give it a whirl....and then they go and announce the results before I even entered!
Good Luck to them all.
Anna May x


Hi Anna May
I can't enter anyway (not being British) but I do like to keep up with who's winning etc.
Hope life is good!
N x

Rachel Fenton said...

I wish the shortlistees all the very best of luck, too. Wonder if the announcement of the winner will go with a bigger fanfare.


DAVID CONSTANTINE was the eventual winner. Congrats, David!!