Monday, 31 January 2011


Why do reviews come in clusters, like buses? It happens a lot. Another review of the novel has appeared after yesterday's one in the Sindo. Books Ireland magazine has a review of it in its Feb. 2011 edition and it's not great. I can't get irritated by it, though, for a few reasons:

1. The reviewer, Kevin Kiely, never seems to give any book a good review. He is a hard man to please, it would appear.

2. There are inaccuracies in the review, which is essentially a summary of the book's plot. Summary reviews are my least favourite type.

3. All of the other reviews of the novel have been glowing, but not everyone is going to like a book, so what does it matter?

A quote from Kevin's review: "A gentle, delicate first-person narrative where the worst that can be said of You is the oft-used cliché 'well crafted'. It reads like a laboured piece of creative writing for effect."

And another: "[the narrator's] days...are unremittingly mundane."

OK, I can get slightly irritated: "a laboured piece of creative writing for effect"? Ouch!

I have to say I always enjoy Books Ireland magazine, which I subscribe to - it has a cranky, eccentric tone that appeals to me. I laugh out loud sometimes at the reviews. They like what they like and a bit of honesty does no harm. So, thanks, Kevin - you made me have a laugh this morning, even if it was a bit rueful ;(


Kar said...

I’m laughing too Nu, it’s a ridiculous review. I don’t understand a summary review, was it actually read cover to cover or just snips of it read?

Hmmm and I wonder does a cranky/narky review come from the reviewer(s) being bored stiff at having to review books they’d rather not read? So then why bother?!

Anyway glad you got a chuckle from it this morning :-)


He defo read the book - he had all the plot turns and knew the characters well. He didn't dismiss the book I just think it was not to his taste, which is fine.
I often get offered books for review which I don't review as I don't like them, and it wouldn't be helpful to anyone for me to review things I don't like.