Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day & Rachel Trezise at the Anti-Room

Welsh author, Rachel Trezise

When my 8 year old son got out of the car this morning for school, he stuck his head back in and said: 'Don't forget it's Valentine's Day and it's not all about you.' Pointed code for, 'Spoil me with choc and a card later, Mom.' As if I wouldn't!

We are talking Valentine's Day over at the Anti-Room today and there is also an interview with one of my favourite writers, Rachel Trezise. Go here.


Kar said...

Oh the cuteness of him Nu, I love it! and I’ve always loved that you involve your children in the ‘Love' of the day. It’s a great piece over in the anti-room..

Have a loving evening x


He's happy now - stuffing his face with Maltesers! Hope Jan's cake turns out nice. I'm off to bake a vegan one now. Fingers x'd it turns out OK!. N x