Friday, 11 March 2011


I am obsessing about other writers' thoughts on novel-writing. What I really need is a good old chin wag with a fellow novelist. I've had one offer and I must take it up asap. Being insanely busy has its drawbacks - where or when can I fit in meet-ups with other writers?!?

I admire Claire Kilroy's writing  very much and I found an interview with her on Amazon where she offers the insights below. I especially like No. 3 as it is the way I construct a novel. It comforts me when I learn that other writers do it that way too.

What would be your top three tips for anyone who is looking to write a book and get published?

1. Start saving now. It's going to take a lot longer than you think to finish the book, and your savings will buy you freedom.

2. Don't be dissuaded by those statistics regarding the amount of novels that are rejected - those figures are somewhat misleading because a lot of people who serially submit novels to publishers and agents have no love or understanding of the form. If you can write a strong novel, there's every chance it will be published.

3. Make extensive notes. Working from notes enables me to construct a narrative that is more fluid and roaming than if I wrote the novel in a linear manner. This approach has helped me access nebulous fleeting emotions.


Rachel Fenton said...

Some sound advice.

I think my kids have the social life - I'll be lucky to get a sentence of adult conversation in a day! I've become one of those people - talking to strangers as I pass them in the hopes of getting more than a bemused expression! Good luck fitting in the novel chat!

Irish Nomad said...

'If you can write a strong novel, there's every chance it will be published.'

That little gem is encouraging. Thanks for posting. Hope you get your chinwag soon :)


Thanks, girls. I have to take a Saturday and wave bye-bye to kids, husb etc. and just go and meet some novelists!