Thursday, 16 June 2011


And I wake up to the fitting news that Dublin author Colum McCann has won the 2011 International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award for his novel Let the Great World Spin. I have a theory about that book, that it is actually linked short stories - whatever it is, it's a great read. Congrats, Colum! Next time I meet you, I will try not to be drunk and silly, har har. I'm sure you will have a very happy Bloomsday with that win under your belt :)

Great quote from Colum regarding influences and time spent in apprenticeship as a writer: 'You get your voice from the voices of others.' 

Today is also Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes's wedding anniversary, fifty-five years ago today they married, four months after they began to go out: 

'In your pink wool knitted dress
Before anything had smudged anything
You stood at the altar. Bloomsday.'

From 'A Pink Wool Knitted Dress'- Ted Hughes - Birthday Letters


Kar said...

Great news about Colum this morning, it’s a book I really enjoyed and I agree with your theory!

Would you believe I picked up a copy of Ted Hughes Completed Letters yesterday in the second hand part of Chapters (a steal at €8!) and I was reading one of his letters to his parents about their trip to France and Spain. He was telling them that he would marry her (Sylvia) and that they would really like her, that she’s not so stuck up…. I was sucked into that time and place so quickly!
They were such a handsome couple.

Happy Bloomsday today!

K x


Good old Chapters.
Happy Bloomsday!

BarbaraS said...

I've met Debi in the flesh - a more lovely, down-to-earth person you couldn't meet. It's gas seeing her workspace featured - I know what she means about a workspace being between the ears as well :)

Hope you're over that Flatlake weekend :/


That's nice to hear, B. I always love connecting with people on the net - I think you can tell the good uns from the bad uns even before you meet, and Debi seems cool.

Hope you are OK after that weekend too :) We have Phizzfest to look forward to. N x