Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Midsummer's day. You wouldn't think it here in rainy, grey Galway. Today is the birthday of the main character in my NIP. I feel like marking the occasion.

You know you are in the true grip of writing a novel when you constantly think and talk about the characters as if they were actual people who exist in the world. I welcome that stage because it means it's all starting to feel real. And if it feels real to me, maybe it will to a reader too. I saw a woman in the street who looked so like my protagonist I was dying to go over and talk to her. Nuts.

Anyway, happy birthday, Miss Main Character - I might bake you a cake later if you behave while I am writing about you today :)


Kar said...

Happy Birthday Miss Main Character and can I just say that I am DYING to meet you for real....

Now be a good girl and with a bit of luck that author of yours will bake that cake for you! ;-)

Have a great day both of you
K x


Thanks, Kar. Me and MMC got along just great today :) She even visited Ballinasloe for tea and cake!
Have a good day too.
N x

Jacinta said...

Wow. I kind of got goosebumps (okay, truthfully I first wrote "boosegumps"--I got them, too) at the idea of celebrating a character's birthday. Also can't wait to meet her!


Boosegumps for the crazy lady who has tea parties for fictional people. Sigh.
But thanks too, Jacinta:)