Friday, 15 July 2011


Cherry picker at my window, Annaghmakerrig
My last day in Annaghmakerrig, sniff. The OPW have taken over the running of the estate here so it has been cherry pickers, trundling tractors and ride-on lawnmowers for the past few days. Not very quiet, but not terribly distracting either.

I have got a lot of work done and the time has flown. The food is better than ever (the salads! the homemade bread!) My fellow residents are fabulous: contemplative writers; giddy visual artists... :) I met Janet Pierce today, artist and feminist, and it was my pleasure to chat with her. She has a cottage on the estate and lives between here and India.

We are having a studio and reading party tonight so that will be fun; I will get to see and hear the other artists' work.

I had such a weird night last night. I'm in Lady Guthrie's room and I got a little bit spooked, which meant I didn't sleep. There was a lot on my mind re. the novel (is it any good?!) and this new story I have started (will it lift?!), and an article I had to finish (now done - yay!). I could see something over by the mirror. I know now that it was a white lamp but last night, in my half-sleep, it looked like a person standing there. A Lady Guthrie-shaped person, perhaps.

The main house, my room is the top left
This house is full of ghosts apparently and, every time I'm here, I do feel a certain atmosphere, despite being a big old sceptic. The full moon was just coming into being last night too, so that could explain some of it. It was a big yellow pocked ball in the sky. Amazing. And as the moon features a bit in my novel it made me feel hopeful. (Before the niggles set in, that is...)

My room is packed with beautiful art including the gorgeous 'Reeds' by Sheena Meagher, who was in residence the last time I was here, four years ago.

Lady Guthrie's room, with 'Reeds' by Sheena Meagher (left of wardrobe)

My first poetry collection is in the cabinet in this room, which was nice to see; I gifted it the first time I was here, I guess. I will leave my latest book here this time and I must remember to bring the two books before that - Nude and Portrait - next time I come. A lot has happened in four years!

So, I am having trouble keeping my eyes open today after my disturbed night. I hope the cherry pickers go home soon to let me grab a half hour nap so that I am ready for the party later.


Eilis Ni Dhuibhne said...

Lovely piece. Makes me long to be in Annaghmakerrig! (It's nice to be in Lady Guthrie's room too, and a real, well-deserved, honour!)

Anonymous said...

It all looks so lovely! I want to go. :)

Miss_Úna said...

Seems like you had a fruitful stay, excellent stuff. I hope you enjoyed the party.


Éilís - Lady G's room is gorgeous. It was lovely to be in it, with the lake view, chaise longue etc. :)


EImear - apply to your co co for a bursary!


Úna - v fruitful. And the party was a blast, singing til 2am. Good fun!