Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Sort of following on from my last post, the inimitable Arlen House have a new blog here where you can keep up-to-date on all their latest publishing and writerly news. They have posted a preview of the cover of Órfhlaith Foyle's short story collection Somewhere in Minnesota (above) which will be out in September, and also there's a look at the cover of the new expanded edition of To The World of Men, Welcome which will be out soon.

Órfhlaith will read at the Cork Short Story Festival on Wednesday the 14th of September at 9pm. She has also recently begun to blog and you can catch up with her here.

Do I sense a blog explosion? I hope so. There's only so much Twittermania I can handle. Give me the intimacy and info of blogging any day.


Kar said...

great news that Arlen House now have a blog...

Looking forward to Orfhlaith's collection, gorgeous cover! I tried leaving a comment over there earlier but it's not letting me, hmmm I'll try again later..

Cool about the expanded edition of To The World of Men, Welcome, I can't wait!

Arlen House said...

Thanks Nuala and thanks Karen. I hope the new blog is taking comments now.

Orfhlaith's and Nuala's books will be at the Cork Short Story Festival in September. They are great collections!