Friday, 12 August 2011


11 August 17:10
Galway poet and teacher Gerard Hanberry's new biography of Oscar Wilde and his family, through seven generations, More Lives Than One is about to hit the shelves. Published by The Collins Press, it is available online from them at €24.99.

Gerry is a Salmon poet, At Grattan Road is his latest collection. He will be interviewed on Galway Bay FM this Friday morning the 12th August at around 11.30am.

Here's the blurb from the Collins Press site: "The story of Oscar Wilde and his extraordinary family is a remarkable one. His parents, the brilliant Sir William and the flamboyant Lady Jane, also led astonishing lives and experienced triumph and tragedy. His wife Constance Wilde had to change her name and live in exile until her death after his imprisonment. An epic family saga against a background of rebellion and famine, this has new revelations on Oscar’s time in prison, his father’s cover-up of his illegitimate daughters’ deaths and Oscar's mother’s dire poverty before her death. By linking the generations a more complete picture emerges of a brilliant Irishman whose tragic fall still breaks the reader’s heart."

Congrats Gerry!

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Rachel Fenton said...

Wilde had a brilliant mind - Hanberry's book sounds like a treat.