Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Going to the Chapel, New York

The Stinging Fly literary magazine is going to New York and they want to hear your New York stories. Their next issue will have a New York twist to it, and thanks to the support of Culture Ireland, they will launch it over there in October. The event is part of Imagine Ireland, the year-long celebration of Irish arts in America during 2011.

The New York issue will feature commissioned writing by Irish and American writers and will explore the relationship Irish people have had with the city over the years.

They have opened up a space on their site for people to share their New York stories and experiences. There are some stories already posted to the site, incuding beautifully written ones by Shauna Gilligan and Leona Lee Cully. I wrote about my wedding in New York and, at the moment, it's the last piece posted, so you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page here. Then go back up and read Shauna's, Leona's, Andrew's, Jeanne's, Martin's etc. etc.


Kar said...

Ohhh that photo looks wonderfully romantic in b&w ..

This is fantastic for the ‘fly’, I’ll log in over lunch and have a read.. and you've reminded me to re-new my subscription.

Thanks for sharing


No worries, Kar :)

shaunag said...

What a wonderful piece, Nuala and of course your photo is just fab, a real romantic feel to it. It'd make you want to tie the knot in NY :)

I will head back to NY at some stage, my only stint there was getting stuck due to the ash cloud last year :(

Thanks for sharing. Shauna


I loved your piece, Shauna, so well written. Hope you get back there under happier circumstances.

shaunag said...

Thanks for the comment, Nuala. I will definitely get back there - my next city break hopefully for a big birthday :)