Thursday, 1 December 2011


Today my virtual tour takes me to the blog of mega-watt talented Rachel Fenton (she writes, she draws, she mothers) in lovely New Zealand. Rachel always looks at things slant (to mangle Emily Dickinson...) and it's one of the things I love about her - the girl has got style. It's a pleasure to be interviewed by her.

Oh, and she's giving away a copy of the book!

A sample question from Rachel:
"This collection made me think of a pioneer sea voyage, in so much as the moon winking from many of the poems, the varied geographies, and lonely land marks. It’s a work rich with places. For e.g., “Blue House, Magdalen Islands, Quebec”: I read it from the bottom line up and the image of a photograph, my grandma in front of a lighthouse in Canada, came to mind – when I got to it, the title was perfect, and I wondered, how important is travel to your writing?"

Go here to read the rest of our chat.

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