Wednesday, 7 March 2012

ABRIDGED - beautiful, silent and free

The silence issue of Abridged poetry and art magazine is now out and what a gorgeous object it is. Each page is different with stunning artwork accompanying the poems. Just look at the cover image above!

I have a poem 'Dreamless' at Sec1:12 in the FREE pdf copy available to download. I love Aileen Kelly's cotton-stitched boy image which is paired with my poem. Beautiful.


Rachel Fenton said...

It's a beautiful, visceral poem, Nuala - the imagery paints the words fiercely but there's delicacy and detail to it. And the whole mag has that delicate and vibrant balance.

Isn't Kelly's stitched boy the most moving thing you saw in cotton? Gorgeous.

Off for a root through the back issues...


Thanks Rae. Yes, I love the cotton boy. Hope to read your poem in Abridged anon :)