Saturday, 17 March 2012


Parade, Ballinasloe
 Beannachtaí na Féile oraibh - have a great Saint Patrick's Day! We will wear green, eat green and maybe even drink green. Well, maybe not the latter. I'm posting a poem as Gaeilge with its translation, from Tattoo ~ Tatú, for the day that's in it. It mentions spuds and poteen so it's properly Oirish :)

The photo is from last year's parade. This year's takes place tomorrow so as not to disrupt the Saturday market and other trade. Just as well, there is television style rain out there this morning. Tomorrow's supposed to be better. Have a good one!

Cleamhnas, 1933

Thug sé dom prátaí:
cnapáin agus póiríní,
iad mór agus beag,
iad crua agus bog.

Thug sé dom poitín
a las tine i mo ghoile,
ach a rinne an luí leis
ábhairín níos éascaí.

Thug sé leis clann:
péire leathfhásta,
iad cúthalach, béasach,
páistí a chéad ghrá.

Thug sé leis báibín,
a d’fhás faoi m’aprún,
sular fhág mé m’athair,
mé soineanta, solúbtha.

Thug sé dom prátaí,
chomh bán leis an ngealach,
chomh buí le tornapa,
iad searbh agus nimhneach.

Níor thug sé dom
ach meas madra.

Engagement, 1933

He gave me spuds:
lumpers and croppers,
big ones and small ones,
hard and soft ones.

He gave me poteen
it burnt my throat,
but made lying with him
that little bit easier

He gave me his children:
a half-reared pair,
they were shy, obedient,
the babes of his first love.

He gave me my own child,
it grew under my apron,
before I left my father’s,
I was innocent, pliable.

He gave me spuds,
as white as the moon,
as yellow as turnip,
they were bitter, poisonous.

All he gave me
was a dog’s life.


Órfhlaith Foyle said...

A great poem, Nuala. My Irish is not good but I love your poem as Gaeilge!

Irish Nomad said...

Happy St Patrick's Day Nuala :) I'm in Ireland/London for the next 10 days. The Kilkenny parade is today which means it's going to start raining here in about 4 hours. I may be able to make it down to Waterford on the 25th if you're still doing a reading there? Have a great green weekend :)

WiseMóna said...

Wow... That is a real poem. Have a great weekend with all your green and glad to hear the market trade is not interrupted and the parade is tomorrow.


Thanks, girls.

Johanna - I am reading in Waterford the 25th. It would be FAB to meet you!!!

Lashing rain here. Sure what would Paddy's Day be without buckets of rain?!

Niamh B said...

Bhain mé an-taitneamh as an dán sin, maith thú. Beanachtaí na féile ort.

credits: comment written in conjunction with and edited by Mr VC, who also enjoyed the poem very much.


Thanks Niamh and Mr VC. N x

Ossian said...



Cheers, Ossian :) Go raibh maith agat.