Thursday, 29 March 2012


Miranda Seymour's bedroom and desk

In a timely post, Apartment Therapy has a feature on writers' bedrooms. See where, among others, Plath, Hemingway, Victor Hugo and Flannery O'Connor slept and, sometimes wrote. See above for Miranda Seymour's desk in her (rather lovely) bedroom.

I have started a new novel and the combination of that, ripping out ugly built-in units, and the gorgeous light there has decided me to try to write the bulk of it in our bedroom. The corner of the dining room where I have my desk is decidedly dark and cluttered. Which on these bright days is unappealing.

Further inspiration came from a panel of commercial women fiction writers at the Waterford Writers' Weekend last Saturday. What a contented, happy tribe they are! I was struck by their confidence, their smiles, their positivity. Literary panels are often quite gloomy and doom-laden. I imagined each of these five sunny women writers in five sunny rooms, writing happily. And I wanted some of that.

So, yesterday - mostly because I was in an upside-down mood - rather than write, I took the train to Athlone to wander. I couldn't face my desk. First stop was, as usual, the antique shop. And there I spied a beautiful old pine table. A slim table. A desk-like table. I wasn't expecting to buy a desk so I hadn't measured the newly available space in my bedroom. But I bought the table on spec and my husband is going to nip up to Athlone on Saturday to bring it home and install it in our bedroom.

We have the four-poster bed but, other than that, our room is nothing like Miranda's. It is a work-in-progress that I am hoping will be finished soon. But the new desk - which will remain a minimalist, notebook-only haven (I hope!) - is one step towards a fresh approach to both our bedroom and my writing. I hope it all works out. I may even post a pic :)

Truman Capote's rather gorgeous bedroom


Words A Day said...

Those sunny writers sound inspirational:) Its an interesting approach to write in a bedroom, i'd have never of thought of it, I write on the kitchen table at the moment, (looking at the dog lying out in the sun). I love the picture of Miranda Seymours bedroom... it sounds like a great plan:)


Fingers x'd. I'm going to keep my other desk too.

Tania Hershman said...

How lovely, I'm jealous of your four-poster! I used to work in my bedroom when I was a journalist living with flatmates, and found that hard because I never "left work", but now I often work not just in my bedroom but in bed, I think that perhaps it helps me remain half in that dream state that I find useful for fiction. Or just... I get to snuggle under the duvet!

Kar said...

oh hello friendeen, I Looooveeee the news of the new desk, and cupboard free bedroom... hmmmm the decadence of it all.. dying to hear and see all and please do post a pic!!! This is a great post, unusual and nosey! teeheee..

as for the clutter free desk with note books only, hmmmm I have my doubts but best of good luck with that ;-)

I left a note over at your Waterford Weekend post the other day, heaven knows where it went. I think it's this 'work' machine, old and not very reliable!
Anyway all I said was its a great post, wonderfully interesting and busy and I adore that you always post great photographs! Blog post without images bore me!


Tania - I get numb bum if I try to sit up in bed. Otherwise, yes, the temptation to write there!!

Insinbad said...

Can't wait to see the desk in place; and the finished bedroom. Fingers x'd for you too.


Kar - the bedroom is not completely press free. I'll post a pic wheen the desk arrives. Excitement!! Are you saying I'm a clutterbug?!?!?! Heh heh.

Never got the Waterford post but I have removed word vers now so I hope that helps people to comment.


Insinbad - thank you :) N x x x

Eilis Ni Dhuibhne said...

Miranda Seymour's is the room for me!


Me, too, Éilís. Flannery O'Connor's is weirdly yellow.
I'm v much enjoying the Shelter of Neighbours. I ried to make the launch but, alas, I couldn't jiggle everything to suit.