Monday, 11 June 2012


I feel like I am on very fast train with just occasional pitstops in Ballinasloe. When I get to Ballinasloe I either a) do housework and mind kids, or b) sit at my laptop and mind kids. Conclusion? The glamour never ends...

So, the launch in The Winding Stair went off beautifully - lots of people, book sold out, warm atmosphere. Among many others, my dear little Auntie Eta came - she has been such a stalwart supporter. Thanks to all who came - it was a lovely night.

These are some of my friend Karen O'Neill's pics (she is available for weddings!).

Me reading - with rather a funny stance :)
Eoin Purcell launching Mother America
Signing with my mushroom pen - a gift from writer and blogger Rachel Fenton
Signing for writer Monica McInerney (who ran to Easons to buy 3 copies when the Winding Stair sold out - sshhh!)

And then it was a hop, skip and a jump to London, to the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith where I received a warm welcome from the Centre's manager, Catherina Casey and assistant manager, Kelly. I read and was interviewed by Catherina, and it was a relaxed, friendly event.

Art work by Fion Gunn at the Cultural Centre, London
After lunch in the Centre, Bernard O'Donoghue and Claire Keegan did the same - they were interviewed by Dorothy Allen, an Irish journalist who lives in London. Both read beautifully and talked very interestingly about their respective childhoods and how that affects their work. Claire talked about being lucky - she got several good breaks early on, meeting David Marcus for example.

Bernard O'Donoghue, me and Claire Keegan by Hammersmith Bridge
After the readings Catherina brought us for food and drinks to a riverside pub near Hammersmith Bridge - it was buzzy and beautiful and we were joined by an Irish couple, based in Oxford, who had attended the readings. All very jolly!

Barges on the Thames at dusk
Next stop Dalkey Book Festival on Saturday where I am reading at The Magpie Inn, Coliemore Road, with Mary Costello, at 7.30pm.


shaunag said...

Wow - it is a whirlwind but enjoy it, there will be plenty more time for the glamour of housework ;) Congrats, Nuala, and thanks, as ever for the great report. Photos are lovely!


Cheers Shauna. It's a real bind - housework or travel?!?
A bit of both is grand :)

Kar said...

the busyness is oozing from your post. All great and fun, but tiring too, I'm sure. I am in awe of your energy and zest for life! It's wonderful.

I LOVE the photo of the London barges on the Thames, it has me missing London and feeling the need to visit. Ah dya remember the days ;)

And THANK YOU for the photo plug, You the best x x


Lovely London - the fun we used to have!!
I took the pics with my mini camera - not bad, right?! Can't be horsing that big yoke around...